Among many other things, Asia is well known for their high quality romantic comedy movies. Plenty of them have been adapted to the Western silver screen but the original ones are still far better with conveying the heart melting ideas of love between people.

That is the reason why most Asian girls have a specific understanding of what their love life should be about – it is thanks to the many Asian romcoms.
Therefore dropping one a great line from a movie is a great way to impress the Asian woman you are talking to. This can really work in your favour so pay very close attention.

We have listed 10 quotes from Asian movies that can really make you believe in love:

1. “When you love a woman, she becomes a drink. She becomes the moon. She becomes the song. Then, she turns into your world.” – Flower Boy Ramen Shop

This is a line from a South Korean Comedy series with the lead character being an arrogant boy who’s father is the biggest food conglomerate in Korea and he works at a ramen shop.

2. “If they are really in love, I don’t think that would matter so much…A house itself doesn’t really matter to the couple. To the couple who are in love, their heart would be their favorite home.” – Winter Sonata

This is from yet another South Korean TV series where the lead character is a talented sun of a musician who is going around looking for information about his past life in a rural city.

3. “If you love next time, just feel. Don’t plan it or assure yourself.” – It’s okay. That’s love.

This quote also comes from South Korea. It’s a drama series where the lead character is a bestselling mystery writer who happens to fall in love with a psychiatrist on her first year of fellowship.

4. “People who love each other end up reuniting. No matter how far apart they are, they will reunite in the end. Love is something that returns.” – Stairway to Heaven Nature of Vietnamese Women

Another wonderful South Korean television series where two childhood sweethearts are separated by serious events in their lives and families.

5. “Giving a loving glance, and sharing a warm meal together…and all those other shining moments filled with love and laughter…will become your reward for loving someone unconditionally like that.” – The Master’s Sun

Another television series from South Korea. This one is a horror-romantic comedy – a rare genre where the lead character is a greedy CEO who crosses paths with a rather gloomy girl who started seeing ghosts after an accident.

6. “We don’t love because of trust, but we trust because we love.” – Cyrano Agency

This one is a romantic comedy from South Korea. In this story a successful agency helps people with their love lives – they help them find dates.

7. “Feelings can creep up just like that. I thought I was in control.” – In the Mood for Love

This is a classic Chinese movie where two close friends realize that their partners are cheating on them and start falling in love with each other.

8. “You know what fate is? Building a bridge of chance for someone you love.” – My Sassy Girl (Korean version)

My Sassy Girl originates from South Korea. The story is of a college student who gets involved with a very self-centered young woman.

9. “It’s not enough to accept me for what I am, You also have to accept me for what I’m not” – When Love Begins

When Love Begins is a romantic comedy from the Philippines where the story revolves around two people who have strong feelings for each other but who are afraid of commitment.

10. “There are people you meet for the first time, but feels like you’ve known them for a long time.” – Hello Stranger

A Thai movie where two people meet and end up going home together during a festival named Songkran.

Take your time

It may even be better if you actually watched some of the movies where you want to draw quotes from. This way you can have a good conversation if your Asian partner knows where the quote is from. Come back soon for more Asian dating tips.