Let’s presume you are flying over to Asia to meet your Asian girlfriend. You’ve put serious time into planning this trip and want to leave a lasting impression that would help you to evolve into something more serious, or even better, getting to put a ring on her finger. We have come up with a couple of first date ideas you may want to try out for that important first date. Asian girlfriend

Before you start your journey we suggest you surprise her with matching outfits that are custom made for you and her. In Asia people love to show off their being together and matching outfits are very much in. Have two shirts printed with your favourite bands name or the like and offer it to her as a surprise. We are sure she will love it.

1. Themed Coffee Shops

Coffee is very popular, no matter where you go in the world. Asia is no exception. It must be the amazing aroma of coffee that never goes out of style. In Asia there are plenty of themed coffee shops you can take your date to. Firstly this shows that you have done research into the Asian dating cultures and it gives you a bonus point for being adorable. There are cat cafés, puppy cafés, cartoon themed cafés and cafés even for well known board games. Depending on what your Asian girl prefers, there most likely is a café that matches her taste.

2. Towers and Lovelocks

Much like with the bridges of Seine, and others in Europe, lovelocks are a huge thing in the Asian dating culture. Though in Asia they love to climb to the top floor of the highest tower where they can profess their undying love for each other with locks that have their initials on them. People believe that as long as the lock remains solid, the lovers whose initials are carved into the locks will have a long and happy life together. In Seoul it is the famous N Seoul Tower or the Namsan Tower. As an added bonus you have the opportunity of visiting a teddy bear museum on the way up or down.

3. Water!

There are two beautiful places around Seoul where you could continue your date. The first is the Han River and it is the best option if you and your Asian girlfriend want to enjoy a meal. There are plenty of restaurants by the river as well as parks and cafés plus many other fun establishments you can enjoy. If it is later in the evening you can enjoy the Cheonggyecheon stream together. It is a great place at the heart of Seoul where you can wrap the evening up.