The internet is full of quite literally, millions of tips, tricks, rules and guidelines on dating women from every culture, country, age and type. Some of them offer fantastic pointers based on real life experience, and some are merely opinions lacking in any real substance. It would take a lifetime to trawl through every single one have simplified matters and brought you the top three GOLDEN rules that apply to every woman in the world, ever. If you follow these three points, we can assure you that very little else can go wrong.

ad40Don’t Lie

That applies to every situation, big or small. Be honest and tell her the truth at all times. Little white lies may seem innocent at the time, but they can quickly spiral into massive deceptions that you will later regret. Trust is the fundamental basis of every relationship and one you break it; it is nearly impossible to get it back. Even if you are in the wrong, the truth will always cause less damage than a lie.

Don’t Cheat

Just don’t do it because it will not be worth it and signifies the beginning of the end for any relationship. Whatever your definition of cheating may be, steer clear of texting, messaging, sexting, kissing or any romantic physical contact with any woman that is not your partner. No matter how discreet you think you are, she WILL find out, and she will not be able to forgive you for the physical and emotional betrayal.

Don’t Be an Idiot

That may seem obvious, but it is the rule that is broken the most often. Call when you say you will, don’t be late for meeting her, be polite and respectful and most importantly, be honest and upfront about your feelings. Life is short, and no one has time for playing games or wasting their time with someone who is not entirely invested in the situation.

Use these three points as guidelines for the basis of your relationship, if you can stick to these then everything else should be plain sailing and us at AnastasiaDate can assure you that it will make your life, and hers, a whole lot easier.