Dating Russian women online is hugely popular ever since the mail order bride days. These ladies are fascinating, passionate and gorgeous – no wonder they are in such a high demand. What online daters sometimes forget is that they need to measure up to these ladies – they won’t go with just anyone. This article offers an insight into what these ladies want to avoid. Make sure you aren’t:

1. A Cheapskate

Russian womenBefore you start thinking that in that case they must be gold diggers – it is the opposite. Gift-giving is very common in the Russian culture and to make your date feel appreciated it is always a good idea to bring a bouquet of flowers or a nice box of chocolates. Note that if you bring her to expensive restaurants only then that will make her think you are trying to flaunt your money, and it isn’t attractive.

TIPS: You should bring small gifts when you visit her family as well. Flowers to the female part of the family, fine wine to the older males and toys for the younger ones. Bringing sweets to the kids also works fine.

When you are going to meet the family and aren’t sure what to get them, then you can ask your date for advice. She will know the little things they appreciate and bringing those will score you some points.

2. A Quitter

We all are familiar with the term “thrill of the chase”. Russian women are often asked out, and if you don’t pursue it, they will just leave it at that. They couldn’t possibly want to go out with everyone that asks them. You need to show that you are serious about it and have something to offer her. Note that it is common in the Russian culture to be reserved – don’t be discouraged by it.

TIPS: Do homework online about the Russian culture. The more you learn, the better you understand her and the smoother your dating will be. If you are completely clueless about the environment where she grew up in, then you may easily offend her.

3. A Cheater

No woman on this earth wants to be cheated on, but Russian ladies take it to a whole new level. All thanks to how they grew up. As soon as your Russian date starts feeling like you’re official then official it is. There is no dating several women at the same time – in Russia that is called cheating.