If it has been several months since you’ve checked the overall impression, your profile looks then it is time to re-evaluate it. A lot of people assume that you need to create your profile and leave it the same way until you find someone. There are several things you need to take a look at. In this article, we are going to go over what are some of the changes you should make to your online dating profile to boost your dating life.

1. Recent Pictures

online datingYou always need to have the most recent pictures on your profile. Even if you think that you haven’t changed much over the past couple of years. The thing is that people expect your picture to match your current look. If you can, have your profile picture taken by a professional. The best idea is to be smiling at the camera. Also, don’t wear sunglasses.

2. The “About Me” Section

Take a look at your About Me section and see if there isn’t something you need to change or add there. Perhaps you have taken up a new hobby. Have you changed your job? Found some new music that you truly enjoy? Whatever has changed in your life, add them to your online dating profile.

3. Gallery Images

Online daters often underestimate the importance of gallery pictures. Research shows that daters who add pictures of themselves engaged in a hobby do the best in the online dating world. Have a friend take pictures of you doing what you love and add them to your profile.

4. Who Do You Want to Meet

Are your preferences largely still the same? If last year you wanted to date Eastern European women exclusively but now you feel like you could expand the criteria and also date Asian women then you need to write that up. Being precise about what you are looking for allows people with similar interests to find you much quicker.