We have all heard at least one crazy Asian superstition or belief. As an example, in some parts of Asia it is believed that you should never keep a pet turtle because they will slow down your fortunes. Myths, superstitions and urban legends are a part of the everyday life for most Asian households. Beliefs are passed down from one generation to the next. Some beliefs have a scientific basis while others are just plain strange. Here are a couple of the crazy Asian superstitions about love and marriage.

Don’t give shoes as a gift to a lover. Asian superstitions about love

Asian women and men both love shoes but in Asia it is believed that if you give your lover a pair of shoes it means that she will run away from you and that will be the end to your fairy tale love story. There is a small loop around this belief though. If your lover has been eyeing a nice pair of shoes for a while and you want to buy them then ask for your partner to give you a small sum of money back. It can even be 2 cents but it’s still as if you sold them to her.

For the married women – wear rings on both of your ring fingers.

This is a Chinese superstition that says that if you are a married woman you must wear rings on both of your wedding ring fingers to ensure that your husband will always love you and will never ever run away with another woman. It is said that it’s best if one ring is made of gold and the other of jade.
There is also a version for single people that says if you want to meet the love of your life soon, you need to wear a yellow gold ring on your right index finger that you can transfer to your right middle finger to make sure a proposal will follow.

Witnessing a solar eclipse with your lover means your love will last forever.

In Asia rings have a lot of superstitions revolving around them. It is mainly because a circle goes on forever and there is no beginning or end to it. In several parts of Asia, it is believed that if you and your partner get to witness a full solar eclipse together and you can see the full corona you will stay together forever. Note how this event can be a great date idea.

Dreaming of finding a snake means meeting your soul mate.

This belief is for singles. If a single person has a dream of finding a snake fret not because it means something positive. In parts of Asia people believe that it means you will soon find the love of your life and step into a new era of your life. Beware though, if you see a black snake in a dream and it tries to bite you or choke you, it means that something terrible is going to happen.

This concludes our list of interesting Asian superstitions but more can be found online. Come back soon for more articles on the Asian dating culture.