Single Asian ladies are interested in very specific qualities that they want their dream man possess. Note that these qualities have nothing to do with looks. Dating in Asia isn’t like it is the West where it is just as important for the guy to look great as it is for the woman. A typical Asian woman is willing to look past the fact that the guy isn’t Brad Pitt.

1. Being Understanding and Kind Asian woman

We have done some research and found that these characteristics are in the top 10 of what Asian women have written on They want someone who is willing to put in the effort of getting past cultural differences and also the language barrier that may be a concern at the beginning. It takes both understanding and kindness to help you get past the issues.

This also means that if you have kindness you also have the following:

You’re not compative.
You are patient.
You are objective.
Your decisions are mature.
Every woman wants these qualities in their partner. If you think about it you may want the same things in a woman as well.

2. Being Accepting of Her Family

Family is hugely relevant in Asia. People have incredibly close relationships with their family and if they don’t get to meet on a regular basis they still keep in contact over the phone and take advice from family members. Getting together around holidays is a must. When you get into a serious relationship with an Asian woman you are expected to participate.

3. Being Accepting of Her Culture

This applies even if you are already in a serious relationship and you two have decided that she will move to your country. Everything from what she loves to eat and how it is important to take shoes off inside the house to how holidays are celebrated need to be taken seriously.

Your culture may be very influential for her two if she moves over there but she will always have a stronger bond to hers. People can be flexible but don’t expect her to change her world.

4. Hardworking and Goal-Oriented

Asians have a very good work ethic as you may have already heard. Work and school come first. It doesn’t even matter if they’re not fans of what the job is, they will still put a lot of effort into it and expect you to be the same way. This is something that will never change and it’s a place where they won’t compromise.

Do You Possess These Qualities?

We all need to do some growing in some areas of our lives. If you possess all of these qualities then it’s good for you. If you don’t you can put some effort into developing some parts of yourself if you want to seriously date an Asian woman.

More Tips

Log back on for more Asian dating tips. We have tons of similar articles coming up. Good luck in the meantime.