So you have decided it is time to start dating European women. That makes this article perfect for you. It is full of hints about what you don’t want to do when going out with them. Ways to not squander your chances.

European ladies are very high on the list of prospective girlfriends to western men since they are well educated, gorgeous and passionate. To be successful in dating them, remember this list:

1. No Handshakes

European womenHandshakes are very prevalent in the West when you meet someone for the first time. However, in Europe, a more common way to say hello is a kiss on the cheek. Handshakes seem far too formal and aren’t suitable if you have a romantic interest in someone. A small kiss is a much more welcome greeting.

2. No Expensive Gifts

Showing off your financial capability is unnecessary. If you want to buy someone a present then spending over 20 dollars is too much.
TIP: Traditional gifts work best in Europe. If you are visiting a family bring a bottle of wine to the father(it better be local wine), a bouquet of flowers to the ladies and candy for the children. It is that simple.

3. The Right Flowers

There are superstitions around different flowers in Europe. Or the number of them. Or the color. Let us explain: do not bring yellow flowers, they are tied to some adverse events in several regions of Europe. Don’t bring even numbered flowers to anyone and don’t bring chrysanthemums. The latter two are brought to funerals.

4. Dress Up

European ladies love to look beautiful, and they value men who can dress up as well. It is okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt from time to time, but it can’t be an everyday thing. Casual wear is for sports or hanging out in the summer. When you are going on a date, dressing smart is the way to go.