It has probably been a couple of months since you’ve had a look at how your profile looks. You might be thinking that all you need for online dating is putting together a profile and then you don’t have to visit it again. However there are some things you may need to rethink. For an example that you don’t need to overlook what you previously wrote on your profile. Actually it is quite important and especially so if you’re still actively engaging in online dating.

Since it is still early in the new year of 2015 it would be a good time to revisit your profile again. We understand it may have been difficult to put a profile together in the first place but we have come up with these 4 things that can make your profile look much better in 2015.

Checklist for 2015

online dating1: Upload a more recent picture for your Profile Picture
Some people wonder why this is necessary since they haven’t changed too much in the past year or two. Your profile image is the first thing that people see and people tend to expect that it matches your current look.

SUGGESTION: It is best to take a photo of you smiling straight at the camera. Also drop the sunglasses so people could see your eyes.

2: Spice up the “About Me” section by updating new hobbies
Change happens every single day. If you want to attract your ideal partner, you must be dynamic and update your interest. It may be what music you’re currently listening to, a new sport you’ve taken up or even a new fashion statement.

3: Change the images in your gallery.(Optional)
Pictures in the gallery give people a pretty good idea about what kind of a person you are. Should you feel the images already express who you truly are then you can simply leave it the way it is but if you have something new and exciting to share, you should do it.

SUGGESTION: Galleries function as a great way to break ice between people. The more versatile and interesting the gallery the more the person peaks interest and invites to get in touch.

4: Updates on “Who I want to meet”.
Have your preferences remained the same? Last year you wanted a long term relationship with a Russian woman but after a couple of let downs you may have decided you want to take things a bit easier. Writing down exactly what you are looking for makes it easier for people with the similar desire to find you.

Change is a Positive Thing

Revisiting and rebuilding your profile is a great way to keep your spirits high about finding your perfect match. It may sound like a ton of thinking and lots of work but it all pays off since you are more likely to attract the right person with your perfect online dating profile.