A lot of people have a fascination with the Oriental cultures. The women from that part of the world have always been the center of attention to western men. When we say Orient or Far East what we typically mean is China, Korea and Japan. There are similarities in these cultures and the physical attributes of the women who all have their own unique style and then there are things that set them apart. In this article we focus on what are some of the perks to dating a Chinese woman.

Perk no.1 – Chinese women are very sweet Dating a Chinese woman

The Chinese culture is ancient, almost as old as history itself and in this culture, unfortunately the women are not as respected as the men. Because of this fact women have developed a way to cope and that is their mentality of being sweet, adorable and cute in order to be liked and also to get their way. This has gone on for a long period of time and has reached the modern era where it has finally become very natural to them. Whenever she needs something from you she will ask it the nicest and most adorable way possible so it is difficult to turn her down. One is very lucky to be in a relationship with someone like that.

Perk no.2 – They Cook Very Well

Who doesn’t love someone who can cook? Chinese families raise their daughters to be very knowledgeable about cooking and every family has their own signature dish as well as secrets they hand down through the generations. You will definitely be impressed with what your adorable Chinese girl can make in the kitchen. You will get addicted to her amazing meals and won’t be missing the take-out from your local Chinese restaurant back home.

Perk no.3 – Perfect Genes. She Will Look Young

There is something amazing about the Chinese genes that is expressed in how the people seem to age incredibly well. It is thought that it has something to do with how healthy this nation has been eating since the dawn of ages and it’s probably true. Also it is very popular with the Chinese to exercise and pay regular visits to the doctor to check up on their health. Your partner may be 35 but she will look like she’s 20 and it will go on for a while. Her beauty will last longer than her western counterparts beauty.

Perk no.4 – She Wants Your Approval

The Chinese culture values hospitality probably higher than any other nation on the planet. That is why guests are treated with the utmost respect in Chinese homes. This trait will translate into how the Chinese women are naturally eager to please. They were raised in a culture where women are expected to be caring and serve. There is a downside to this that may be difficult for you to get used to – she may not voice her own opinion enough and you may be at a loss of what her own preferences may be.