Online dating or being in a long distance relationship is not all that it’s cut out to be. Sure, you’ll have a lot of fun times Skype-ing or chatting or calling each other but it will be difficult since you don’t really have each other’s physical presence. Nonetheless, if you make an effort into it, you’ll be able to surpass any type of difficulty.

For the mean time, you can do a lot of online activities that can serve as your “online dates”. If you’ve been online dating for a while an are running out of ideas on what types of activities are great to do, here are a few helpful ideas for you to try out.

Before we go any further, remember that the main idea is for you to have a connection that can temporarily replace physical presence so you might need to use a few software programs like Skype or MSN to bridge the connection.

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Online dating Activity #1: Go on an online movie date

All you have to do for this date is to set up Skype, decide on which movie you’d both like to watch, and you also need to decide on what movie snacks you’ll be digging into. Once you’re all set up, do a voicecall on Skype and then have it running while both of you watch the movie on your respective sides of the world.

Online dating Activity #2: Go on a virtual date

There are a lot of websites that cater to people meeting virtually. One example is Second Life. You can make an online version of yourself (and so can your partner) and then you guys can explore the online world of Second Life together. It’s something slightly different than Skype-ing but equally as fun (or maybe more).

Online dating Activity #3: Stargazing with wine

Now this activity can only work when you have a similar time zone. What you can do is Skype each other, keep the call running, pour yourselves a glass of wine, pick out a nice spot in your front yard or maybe you can step out to your balcony and then have a romantic evening while star gazing.

You can compare the stars at your side of the world and her side of the world. You, both, might be looking at the same set of stars making your atmosphere even more romantic.

Online dating Activity #4: Breakfast/Dinner/Lunch through Skype

For this activity, you could do your online date in your morning and your partner’s night or vice versa. Either way, you can still do this online dating activity. On real dates, most of the time, a couple goes out to eat. In the case of online dating or long distance relationships you can have this type of date too but at home, having a nice meal in front of your computer.

Online dating Activity #5: Online games galore

Since technology is advancing more and more, what you can do is play online games together as you guys are online dating. It will be easy if you have an iPhone or an Android phone. If you don’t have these, no worries because there are always other platforms that you can play games on, like Facebook.

Create a unique user name and then find each other on the app or the website and then play all the online games you want. It will be fun and it will be something that’s different from the usual chatting that you do.

Alex Vidal