ukraine womenIt’s no surprise that a lot of men want to find love in a place like Ukraine. It’s a place where one can find a rich culture that has strongly been influenced by Slavic mythology. The people there are hospitable and welcoming, among other things. Not to mention that Ukraine women have been proclaimed as the most beautiful women in the world at one time or another.

The good new is, with today’s advances in technology, you don’t even need to go to Ukraine to meet the potential love of your life. Meeting Ukraine women is as easy as signing up to a dating website. BUT, before you dive into the Ukrainian dating scene, we have advice that you need to be aware of.

The Uneven Number Rule

Let’s start with something basic. In the event of you meeting your Ukraine love, you might want to send them flowers (most women get flattered over that). When you do make this happen, make sure that: 1. The flowers aren’t all yellow and 2. The number of flowers are uneven. In Ukraine, yellow flowers are a sign of falseness and flowers given at even numbers tend to signify your condolences for someone.

The Mother Tongue

This next thing is very important. If you meet someone you like online, the most probable way for you to contact each other would be through Skype (or whatever convenient software you prefer) . There’s going to be a whole lot of talking involved.

In terms of the Ukraine women’s language skills, expect that most of them have average to below average English skills. English is generally taught in public school but it basically still depends on the level of education and the opportunities that come their way.

Now, let’s move on to deeper stuff…

Security for Ukraine Women

Most women, be they Ukrainian or not, have this incessant need for their man to be financially secure so it’s totally normal that Ukraine women would desire the same thing. If you’re long-term goal is to meet Ukraine women for marriage (and we hope that it is), it might make things slim for you if you have an “OK” income and if you’re living in a small city.

This, however, is not true for all Ukrainian women. There are those that want to settle down and have a family in a small, quiet and quaint town. If you’re this type of guy, the best thing to do would be to avoid meeting Ukraine women from bigger cities.

Ukraine Women’s take on Careers

When dating Ukraine women, it’s important to understand their perspective on their careers or their independence. This is especially important if you want to get married with one. Mostly, you will find younger women to have a stronger drive to pursue work outside of the house. On the other hand, Ukraine women are more oriented to their family and in staying at home once they have children.


Ukraine Women Want a Prince

It’s no secret that most Ukraine men don’t really have the greatest of attitudes toward their women, especially after marriage. It’s not always the case but in their culture there’s still that patriarchal mentality. There’s always some way that Ukraine women are discriminated on.

In contrast to that, of course, they would want someone that doesn’t neglect or take them for granted, someone who will take care of them, and someone that will treat them right. If you’re already a gentleman, then you’re good to go.


There are a lot more detailed characteristics you need to know about Ukraine women. Above all of these, it’s always important to get to know someone as a person.

Alex Vidal