We may not always notice this but there are turn-offs on most dating profiles we come across. We don’t notice because: 1. We didn’t go through the entire profile, 2. We’re paying too much attention to picture (checking out if their physically hot or not), 3. We choose to ignore a lot of the information. Red flags may vary in how serious they are and it is better to know which ones may spell trouble for you. dating profiles

We have listed these 5 common red flags on dating profiles you need to look out for:

1. Unusually high number of divorces.

Typically, the online dating sites don’t let people sign up if they have had 3 or even more divorces. It brings the reputation of the portal down and doesn’t offer positive emotions for hopeful people logging on to find love. It doesn’t matter how well written the profile is or how good looking the owner may be – a high number of divorces indicates a red flag. Most likely this person isn’t serious about relationships.

2. Too many inconsistencies.

If you find that someone’s profile picture really catches your eye – don’t send them a message straight away. Instead read their profile through from top to bottom and see if the first impression is still good. The picture may leave you feeling really excited and you may not care about the rest of it but you should be more mindful. Try to see if there are any inconsistencies in the way they present themselves.

Jobs – The profile may say she’s a manager and later you may learn she’s actually still a student.

Physical description – The height, weight and even eye colour may differ.

3. Character issues.

Who wants to date someone who is moody, temperamental, judgemental, cruel, spiteful and so on. Naturally we all have our faults but it doesn’t make sense to parade around with your weaknesses. It is a gigantic turn off for most people. Imagine this: you just met someone and the next minute they say: “I like hanging out with people but I get my feelings hurt very easily.” Or they say: “I love people but most of them are no good!” This is an obvious indication that you are not dealing with a mature person. Move on.

4. Travelling and the luxurious lifestyle.

Most ladies have these points on their profile. Travelling the world seems harmless. It even sounds adventurous but to travel the world in the luxury style means you may be heading for trouble. It is somewhat likely that you’d be expected to pay for it. You need to be mindful that unfortunately some people view online dating as a way to take advantage of others.

5. The number of kids.

This depends on preferences – if you love kids then this isn’t going to be an issue but if you want to wait before you have kids then you need to pass this person.

Is there anything we missed?

We would love to hear your suggestions. Are there more red flags you need to watch out for while online dating? Do you have lots of experiences with online dating and some of its red flags? Leave your comments below and come back soon for more online dating tips.