Any Ukrainian girl will appreciate you studying up on the culture that she has grown up with. It’s always going to be a plus and it’s always going to show that you’re putting in that much effort because you care — you care that much.

There are a lot of things about Ukraine that you need to know — from the traditions, to the history, to the holidays and etc. If you absolutely have no idea what to study and where to start studying, go for something simple. Study up on Ukrainian foods. That way, when you and your Ukrainian girl go out on your next date (or maybe first date), you’ll dazzle her with how much you know about the traditional foods in her culture.

So here are five Ukrainian foods that you must know:

1. Borscht

Ukraine is not all about Borscht but it’s the first food that people think of when they are asked to associate food with Ukraine. Borscht is a soup made of mainly of beet root. It has around 20 other ingredients to it and every Ukrainian housewife has their own top secret version of Borscht that no restaurant can even come close to.

Your Ukrainian girl will surely be happy if you serve her one of these. All Ukrainians love Borscht . They eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, there’s even a superstition that a woman cannot marry if she doesn’t know to properly cook this dish.

2. Golubsty

This one is another comfort food from Ukraine. If you ask your Ukrainian girl about Golubsty, she will probably tell you about fond memories she’s had with her mother or grandmother while cooking this dish in the kitchen.

It’s basically stuffed cabbage. The stuffing could be a variety of things but most commonly, it is made up of meat and rice (or buckwheat). Some even put a little bit of tomato sauce on it.

3. Varenyky

This one is very common in the Ukrainian supermarkets and not just in Ukrainian homes. Varenyky is basically a dumpling but it’s considered as the best sidekick for Borscht . It’s kind of like bread to the Ukrainians but with a stuffing of mash potatoes, mushrooms, and fried onions. This is just one variation of it. Another variation would be a stuffing made of mixed fruits (yum!).

4. Nalisnyky

Another yummy traditional food that ends with -nyky. This one is similar to Varenyky since it also has filling but it’s more like a rolled, thin pancake, with filling inside. The filling could be sweet cheese or cheese that’s savory. Again, just like with all of the dishes that we’ve already mentioned, there are variations of this dish. If you fill it with savory cheese, you can serve it with sour cream. ¬†On the other hand, if you fill your Nalisnyky with sweet cheese, you can serve it with syrup or icing sugar.

5. Kompot or Uzvar

By now, you have 4 traditional foods that you can bring up during a conversation with your Ukrainian girl. For the last one, let’s take a look at one traditional Ukrainian drink. They call it Kompot. Uzvar is actually a kind of Kompot that’s enjoyed during Christmas holidays.

So just to clue you in, Kompot is non-alcoholic and it’s mainly juice but how they do it is they cook different kinds of fruit in water.