What is this magic that Asian women posses that make guys melt? First of all it’s not magic. There are plenty of little things that contribute to their overall attractiveness and we’ll discuss 6 of them today. They were difficult to choose since there are so many to pick from but here are 6 things we think make Asian women sexy:

1. Their Eyes

Sounds like the most stereotypical thing anyone could say but it’s true. It’s the amazing shape of their eyes. Depending on which part of Asia she is from she may have almond shaped eyes or thin slanted eyes, big round eyes and so on. Her eyes are one part of what makes her exotic nature come out.

2. The Frame of Their Bodies

Everybody knows this about Asian women – they are slender in frame. It’s the most typical body type you can find in Asia. Surely this doesn’t apply to everyone but it definitely applies to the majority. It’s not common to be obese in Asia.
This is all thanks to their healthy ways of eating – the rice, fish and meat.

3. Their Long Black Hair and Porcelain Skin

It is really obvious that the longer your hair is the more feminine you look. This idea was published in a very popular women’s magazine. The study conducted to see what kind of hair is most attractive to guys.

Most Asian women love to grow their hair and although hair colouring has become more of a trend, Asian women tend to stay very natural.
Their complexion is also another key factor in what makes her sexy. Asians are very proud of the way they love to take care of their skin(even the guys).

4. Placing Importance on Family

All Asians have very close family ties. For most guys – the respect Asian women have for their parents and their family is really attractive. They respect the elderly and love to take care of people. Every guy that wants a family is passionate about women like that.

5. Food Adventures

Yes, the amazing Asian cuisine. There are tons of words to describe Asian cuisine and one of them should definitely be “adventurous”. If you’re dating Asian women you’ll soon figure out that she has a lot of knowledge about cooking – all that adds to her attractiveness.

6. Accents?

This may go either way. What kind of accents you find attractive is very individual. There may be also very strong accents that you may not be too fond of but you’ll figure it out when you have video chats with the ladies.

What do You Think?

That concludes our list. Which of these traits in Asian women do you find sexy? Are there a few more you’d like to share with us? Leave your comments below.