Have you ever heard the saying: “The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? For sure, you have but have you heard this one: “The quickest way to a woman’s heart is through her ears”. It’s not that common of a saying compared with the first one but it’s a definitely a proven fact. Why did Shakespeare have a lot of mistresses and so did every other poet in history? Why are women attracted to musicians or singers? It’s because of their romantic words.

russian romantic phrases

You can apply this saying as well to Russian women. You can express your love (or interest) through Russian romantic phrases. No need to learn the entire Russian language. All you need are these 10 Russian romantic phrases to impress any Russian woman that comes your way. It may not come out right the first time you say it but it’s worth the effort when you want to capture the heart of the Russian woman that you’re interested in.

1. Ты такая красивая (You’re so beautiful)

You wouldn’t want to say “I love you” right away so maybe you could start with one of the basic Russian romantic phrases. Pronounce it like: /Ti takaya krasivaya/.

This phrase is specifically for a Russian woman. This doesn’t apply when you want to compliment a Russian male.

2.  У тебя очаровательная улыбка (You have a charming smile)

The next Russian romantic phrase to “You’re so beautiful” is this. You can pronounce it as: /U tyebya acheravatyel’naya ulypka/. Yes, this one is a mouthful but you’ll get there.

3. Красавица (Cutie!)

This is one the few Russian romantic phrases that are easy to say. It’s certainly easier than the last and it means “cutie”. You can use it just like how you use the word “cutie”. Pronounce it like: /Krasavitsa/.

4. Ты такая милая (You’re so sweet)

When a Russian woman pays you a compliment, you could say, “Thank you” or “You’re so sweet”. From the two, “You’re so sweet” sounds more romantic so we’re going for this phrase. You can pronounce it as: /Ti takaya milaya/.

5.  Я люблю тебя (I love you)

When you’re ready (and only you can tell when that moment is), you can say this Russian romantic phrase with sincerity. This phrase can be said to either a man or a woman and it may have a few tricky sounds in there but one tip is to concentrate on the stress of the word. Pronounce it like: /Ya lyublyu tyebya/.

6. Я не могу жить без тебя (I can’t live without you!)

Now isn’t this Russian romantic phrase just captivating? It will surely melt the heart of the Russian woman that you’re talking to. You can say it like: /Ya nye magu zhit’ byes tyebya/.

7. Любимая моя (My Sweetheart)

Are things getting a bit serious with your Russian woman? Try this on from the many Russian romantic phrases to seal in the deal. Tell her that she’s your sweetheart. Just say: /Lyubimaya moya/.

8. Ты всегда в моих мыслях (You’re always on my mind)

Russian romantic phrases like this is very much like saying, “I’ve been thinking about you”. Take note that you can pronounce this as: /Ty vsegda v moikh meeslyah/.

When making mistakes

As we said earlier, there’s no need to worry if you can’t say it right the first time. Don’t worry if you say a few mistakes here and there because your Russian woman will think that it’s adorable. She’ll also think that you care enough to learn a few phrases from her language. Time to practice!

Alex Vidal