Who would have ever thought that there would be a girl, a Ukraine girl, who could look like she came right out of an anime cartoon. Meet 19 year old, Anastasiya Shpagina, who has made this look a part of her daily routine. She spends hours and hours putting make up on to look like a real life anime character and she doesn’t go out of the house without it.

This unique Ukraine girl has received a lot of buzz online due to her unbelievable pictures and her make up tutorials on YouTube. Apparently, there are a lot of people that would like to try out the kind of style that Anastasiya is doing, hence her popularity.

Road to Anime-fication

Most people might wonder how she got herself to look like that. Well, the answer is simple and blatant. Other than the heavy make up that she puts on, she also sought the help of plastic surgery to make her entire appearance look just like a Japanese anime character — from head to toe. She was reported to have done work on her nose, chin, and waist but from the looks of it she might have had her breasts, lips and entire jaw redone as well.

Since Japanese anime characters are rarely on the chubby side, Anastasiya also had to do an extreme diet plan so she can very closely (almost too accurate) resemble a thin-ness that only anime characters posses. She currently weighs around 84lbs (38.1kg).

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The Before

Ever since, this Ukraine girl has always been a big fan of Japanese anime characters. She admired the structure of their face and so, before the transformation, she has always dreamed about becoming one herself. This Ukraine girl’s former beauty was more on the Gothic side — she had thin eyebrows, pale skin and piercings.  She also had close to black hair which is the total opposite of the fiery red tresses that she has now.

Fans all over the world

Because she’s one of the very few people on this earth that are brave enough to look like real life dolls, she has gained a lot of followers from all over the world. She has made a nice niche for herself (and for her other appearance altering sisters).

During regular days, she works as a hairstylist and a make up artist but she’s still doing hundreds of photo shoots and, not to mention, a few make up tutorials on YouTube.

Going out for Anastasiya might be a little overwhelming because she’s always the center of attraction with new fans taking photos of her here and taking photos with her there. This Ukraine girl is certainly special and even though a of people find her strange, they still admire her mesmerizing beauty.

Doing the look yourself

Because of her love for make-up, the Ukraine girl, Anastasiya, likes sharing how she creates her fairy like looks through her videos. She shows exactly how she does the look. A lot of viewers have responded to this positively and they’re also inspired to try out the look themselves.

Initially, what you would need to have are: perfect skin, a narrow nose bridge, perfectly shaped and perfectly toned lips and, of course, those big doll like eyes that most of the viewers (especially the ones in Asia) like to stare into.

What’s she doing now?

As mentioned before, this Ukraine girl is still on demand when it comes to photoshoots. The next step for her, as she states, would be to get plastic surgery for her eyes to make them look bigger without the make up.

Alex Vidal