When it comes to online dating, a lot of men are dreaming of finding their perfect match, their own Anastasia or Natalia. When courting a Russian lady online or in the real world, there are some things to take into account though. Russian ladies who are bred and born in Russia feel more loved when you date them according to their preferences, likes and customs.

Tips for Dating a Russian Lady Online

The most important thing: If you are planning to date a Russian woman on the web, always be honest about who you are during your relationship. After going through the countless profiles of lovely Russian ladies and choosing the one that you’re interested in the most, you should send her a message explaining your interest in her. If she responds and you see she has the same feelings as you, you should move your romance to the next level.

Get over your virtual romance: Do not indulge in a digital relationship for a very long time, since it is useless daydreaming without ever communicating with the real Russian woman. There are many ways to contact a person who is thousands of miles away from you because of advanced technology. Most people have a mobile or a laptop with access to the internet. If you found her on the internet on a Russian dating site, you can ask her if she is ready to speak to you through video chat. If you’re sure you’re going to meet her in real life, ask for her telephone number, so you could contact her and get to know her first. However, if the woman says she doesn’t have a computer or can’t talk on the phone, take this as a warning. If that happens, the lady is either not into you or she is not real.


Take your relationship to the next level: As your online romance with Russian women progresses, it’s necessary to take the next step and meet face to face so there isn’t any chance for deception. Many guys are scared of getting real with the Russian girl that they are courting. They send hundreds and hundreds of messages, but do nothing at all to move their romance further. Real men know how to take care of women, and they don’t spend time on planning. When you approach her sensibly and quickly, she will respect you for the gesture, and she’ll know that you’re sincere about making this relationship grow and survive. It isn’t difficult to connect with folks who live far anymore, so take advantage of this.

Arrange a personal meeting: When you have started communicating with her, you can consider that you are courting a Russian woman in real life. Now, planning your first real life meeting would not take too much time as you have been talking with her often. You can ask your sweetheart how and where she would like to meet for the first time. A lot of girls would prefer if the boys came to their home town. However, you may also book a resort for two rather than take a trip to Russia. It should not take you too long to organize a date with her. If you feel like things have been going┬ávery well, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her in real life. It’s sure that she’ll only appreciate it.

Alex Vidal