AnastasiaDate’s language learning gift is a success

AnastasiaDate recently introduced a new present for their Virtual Gifts section and reports that it has become a major hit with members across the world.

AnastasiaDateAnastasiaDate, the leading online dating portal, loves to come up with new ways to surprise their members and, this time, they have joined hands with a language learning feature named LinguaLeo. It is an English language learning gift that men can give as a present to their desired online dating partners. The gift can be found in the Virtual Gifts section on

Choosing this new gift for members to enjoy has proven to be a huge hit since singles can use improving language skills in order to boost communication with each other and this feature is used in more and more numbers. It shows not only the generous spirit of members but also that language learning is important to online daters. Especially so when dating internationally.

LinguaLeo is customer friendly and aimed at European singles more specifically. Every package offers a wonderful opportunity to learn more English. AnastasiaDate is well aware that communication is key in online dating and the better the grasp of theĀ language, the easier it is for members to find their desired partner. AnastasiaDate is all about creating the best possible online dating experience for their valued members.

The exciting language learning program is available for all members to send it as a gift. All that needs to be done is signing in, going to the Virtual Gifts section on the site, clicking the language lesson icon and sending it out to whomever members want to.

Recipients of this gift report feeling very excited and happy about the opportunity to boost their English language skills. Lots of times these ladies don’t have enough chances to practice it. They are excited about improving their online dating by having better command of the language.

There are several other wonderful ways members of can communicate with desired partners and a present in LinguaLeo is only one of them. The other often used and much-appreciated features of the online dating portal are Live Chat, Correspondence, and CamShare – all high-quality technology ready to be used for a seamless communication with others from all over the globe.