4 Myths About Dating Asian Women

Plenty of people have misconceptions when it comes to Asian women. A few of them are negative, a few positive. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at what are the most commonly heard myths about dating Asian women? We will correct negative perceptions and offer positive alternatives. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Asian Women Are Submissive

Asian womenThis is a truly unfortunate myth. Asian women are raised in a very conservative culture and embrace gender roles more than women from Western countries. Doing chores, taking care of the house and a family does not mean someone is submissive. A lot of people assume that these ladies have no real ambitions, they couldn’t cut it at the workplace, and they never voice their opinion. That is untrue as a lot of these ladies are independent. Even when they place other people’s needs ahead of their own.

2. Asian Women Are Too Sweet and Innocent

That is how media always depicts Asian ladies – as perfect dolls. They must have the mind of a child; they must be childlike and gentle. It is important to keep in mind that every person has a different personality, and that goes for Asian women as well. Plenty of them are outspoken, competitive and even aggressive. So, there isn’t much truth to this myth.

3. Foreign Men Are Used

A lot of people are under the false impression that Asian women only date foreign men to get out of the country or for money. While there are always some people with bad intentions, that does not apply to everyone. Most of these women are sincere in their desire to find real love online or offline with foreign men.

How to Be Successful With Dating

Being successful with dating women has a lot to do with knowledge. Knowledge of what you should or shouldn’t do. Your looks may be perfect; your overall character may be wonderful, too. But if you show any of the following behaviors then you may be out of luck. Let’s see what are some of the behaviors you should keep away from.

1) Neediness

datingThere is nothing more unattractive about a person than neediness. You simply can’t rely on another person’s approval. It makes the other person run in the opposite direction. Being able to be on your own and being comfortable with solitude is appealing. While it is important to open up to people close to us, don’t d it right away. Your potential partner isn’t your mother or your psychologist.

2) Awkwardness

Social skills are vital if you want to have a successful relationship with anyone. Let alone find a partner. Social intelligence can be improved by reading books on the topic. It also doesn’t hurt just to go out more. Spend time with friends and focus on meeting new people.

3) Bringing Up Ex-Girlfriends

If you have any deep-seeded resentment towards an ex, and you express it, then that can alarm your potential mate. That brings up questions such as why would you date someone that is so wrong for you. Even if you don’t have negative stories, don’t bring up your exes at all. That is the rule of thumb in dating.

4) Insecurity

Another thing that nobody in their right mind finds attractive is insecurity. Seeking approval is a giant no-no. Don’t react strongly when someone is trying to get a rise out of you with jokes. Don’t make her constantly repeat that she is interested in you. Don’t fish for compliments either.


If you want to do well with dating, then remember the tips provided for you here. Don’t show neediness or insecurity. Downplay any awkwardness and do not bring up your ex-girlfriend(s). Follow our advice and your dating should go well.

5 Myths and Realities About the Asian Culture

What are the most commonly heard myths about the Asian culture? What are the realities behind them? Media has a lot of influence how one part of the world is perceived somewhere else. All the articles, TV shows, comics and so on will determine our understanding of the Asian culture. Let’s take a look at what are the most common myths about Asian folk:

Myth no. 1 – Everyone knows martial arts

Asian cultureAsian cultuerEveryone is familiar with the myth that all Asians must know some form of martial arts. The reality is, of course, that martial arts aren’t for everyone. There are still a lot of martial arts schools in Asia but they aren’t as popular as they used to be and all that thanks to the lack of students. Asians still make the best martial arts movies, but they don’t all know something about martial arts.

Myth no. 2 – All Asians are excellent in math

Another very popular myth has to do with math. While it is true that Asians do well in school, better than people in any other part of the world, that still doesn’t mean they all do well in math. People think that computing must be in their blood since we see so many Chinese entrepreneurs in the West but it simply isn’t true.

Myth no. 3 – Eating dog meat

People often assume that every Asian has tried dog meat or that they are at least okay with there being such a thing as dog meat. Don’t bring this up when talking to any Asian person because you risk offending them very seriously.

Myth no. 4 – Men valued more than women

This is partly true, like with any culture. Women have been devalued throughout history, and since Asia is still largely very traditional in their culture and customs, men are sometimes more valued than the women. Things are slowly changing these days, and Asian women are finally getting to be seen as something more than just a potential mom.

Getting Past Language Barriers in Online Dating

Let’s say you’ve met a very attractive Asian women but you have an issue – she doesn’t speak English too well. What can you do? Her lack of English speaking skills may be surprising to you, but you should know that they don’t get to practice that much in that part of the world. That means you need to flexible with how you approach this matter. This article makes suggestions about what to do to break the language barrier in an online relationship:

TIP #1: Online Translation Tools

language barriersFinding info online couldn’t be any easier. You can find plenty of translation tools. One of the most popular ones is Google Translate. It may not be perfect just yet, but you will develop an understanding.
While in conversation with your partner you simply copy your text, go to Google Translate and paste the sentences in English in one of the boxes and then set the other one to your preferred language. Then simply click “translate” or “enter” and the text is translated.

TIP #2: Interpreters/Translators

It’s very probable that your chosen online dating site has a translator. It is easy to get in touch with them via the site and have them translate everything you need. You can send them cards, letters, emails and so forth.
These services may cost you quite a bit and if you’re not ready to spend you may have to look into other options. For example asking help from a friend that speaks this language. Whatever option you use will be very appreciated by your online partner.

TIP #3 Learn Some of the Languages

It may sound a little unusual but think about it. If you have gotten into a stage where you are seriously into this person and you’re getting tired of using online translation tools and interpreter services, this option makes perfect sense. This doesn’t mean you need to learn the entire complex language. Just start with the basics and see for yourself how impressed your friend is.

Break the Barrier

These ideas are very basic but also very effective when it comes to communicating with your favorite girl. Use these options and try to keep from getting frustrated. Breaking the language barrier in online dating isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

Values to Keep in Mind When Dating Asian Women

It is always important to truly get to know the person you are dating and one way we can get a good idea about another is by learning what their values are. Especially so if you are dating someone from a different culture. Culture and traditions have a great influence on our beliefs, even if we don’t realize it right away. Knowing what movies or music someone prefers or what their hobbies are is also important but pales in comparison of true values held in their heart.

In this article, we take a look at what are the most important values Asian women have and how they will impact what experience you have with dating them. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. Family-Centeredness

Asian womenFamily always comes first for Asian people. They are, in fact, more family-centered than we are in the Western cultures. Approval from family is always needed and motivation often stems from bringing honor to the family. Protecting that honor is crucial – you will find that Asian women will not cross that line. Ever. That may pose a challenge in your international relationship.

2. Patience

A virtue you should possess because Asian women definitely do. You won’t be introduced to the family right away. Usually, when that happens, it means the family has reached the stage of an engagement. So, when the girl feels like it is time to introduce you, wedding bells are not that far away. Contemplate at this stage if you feel that strongly about the relationship.

3. The Big Interrogation

When you have been introduced to the family you need to sit down with them. It will feel much like an interrogation – you are asked a thousand questions to see if you are indeed fit to date the woman. If you are serious about dating her, then you should go through with it. Even though it may well feel like an invasion of privacy or even an attack. It is standard in the Asian dating culture and you should be prepared for it.