Russian women are portrayed to be the most charming and loving beings. No doubt they are elegant immaculate creatures that are worth spending life with. Everyone knows that intercultural marriages are challenging. Life with Russian ladies is also challenging in one way or the other. There are some problems that you must keep in mind before marrying a Russian woman.

There may be many challenges of having a Russian wife but following are the most important ones:

Challenges of Having a Russian Wife

  • Over Attached Wife

A Russian wife will fall in love with you more and more with every passing day.  She will care for you, cook for you, and spend all her time doing your chores. She will be so much overwhelmed with the feelings of love that she can even do a pillow-talk thinking of you in loneliness. A Russian wife dissolves in her husband. These are the wonders of family relations when you have a Russian wife. All these things seem pleasant but keep in mind they can be irritating some times. An over attached wife is a demanding wife. She will demand same level of care and attachment from your side. She can be a jealous and possessive wife. It can give you discomfort if your nature is not compromising.

  • Emotional Creature

Girls have always delicate feelings but a Russian girl has some extra-ordinary fragile heart. You Russian wife will be a very emotional person. She will be sensitive and little things mean a lot to her. May be a thing is unimportant for you but she can cry for hours upon that little thing. Russian girls have vivid imaginations and they always dream in their lives of a happy married life. A little dispute between you and your wife can affect her badly. You need to calm her down every time she is mad at you. You need to give her confidence and trust. It can be challenging sometime and especially in a busy life.

  • Always Be Strong

A Russian wife is completely dependent on her husband. She wants you to be strong and take care of her in any case. She hates your blushes and weaknesses. You need to control every time you feel insecure for anything. A Russian wife feels embarrassed if her husband is weak and fears something. It is stressing at some times in life.  It’s natural to feel fear occasionally. You always need to overcome your psychological barriers to keep your wife happy

  • Communication

If your wife is Russian and you are from any other country. Communication will be challenging in the beginning. Although the Russians are educated and fluent in English still they feel difficulty in communicating with foreign people. In this case you need to stay calm and help her learn the language.

  • Adaptation

Russians are generally very patriotic and feel homesickness when they are away from their homelands. So, if you are from any foreign country, expect your Russian wife to feel bad to leave her country. She will miss her friends, family and all the past life she spent in Russia. Meanwhile it’s a great challenge for her to adapt in a different lifestyle away from her family. She will need emotional support and encouragement. It may be frustrating for you to teach her all the rules of her new lifestyle.