If you’re chatting up a storm with a few Russian ladies through a dating website, you might need to know that there are a few things that these women might not be telling you. All women have safely kept secrets that no one must know about and that doesn’t exclude the women from beautiful Russia.

Some of these secrets are both interesting and funny. If you’re wondering what these secrets are, you are in luck because we are going to flat out tell you about it. Here are 10 secrets Russian ladies might not be telling you.

1. The Secret Weight

This is definitely a given with all women, may they be Russian or not. Russian women, in particular, will never tell you what their actual weight is. This might also be a good issue to stay away from when having a conversation with them . It’s the inner beauty that counts, right?

2. The secret Smoking Habit

Eastern European women are more likely to smoke compared to American women so your Russian lady may not be telling you that she has a habit of smoking after she eats (or something like that). Of course, she wants to be a damsel in distress — all graceful and delicate — and that picture doesn’t include a damsel in distress who smokes.

3. The Secret Night Wear

Now this may be very common with chatting with Russian women online. You might be tempted to ask about what they’re wearing. Naturally, they’re going to say that they’re wearing something elegant or sexy and not worn out pajamas they’ve had for as long as they can remember.

4. The Secret Beauty Regimen

It’s a common fact that all women have their own personalized beauty regimen — Russian women included. They may be putting on a special kind of lotion three times a day and then taking in beauty enhancing vitamins, but they won’t tell you that just yet.

5. The secret Baby Pictures

When talking about childhood, you’re Russian sweetheart might not be keen on showing you pictures from that era. They might look totally different then compared to how gorgeous they may look now, hence making their childhood photos secret.

This number 5 secret can be related to number 4 because most Russian women like to make you think that their beauty comes naturally — from childhood until today.

6. The Secret Childhood Comforts

In most cases, Russian women might still have a few comforts from their childhood like a blankie or a stuffed teddy bear. That might seem cute to other men but Russian women would prefer for you to look at them as women — not girls.

7. The Secret Behavior

This might be true to all women and not just the women from Russia. When with a man, they tend to be on their best behavior — dainty, graceful, coy and all of the above — but when on a night out in the town with the girls, that may be a totally different story.

8. The Secret Lover Number

Russian women prefer not to disclose the number of lovers they’ve had. It’s evident that if they’re single, the former lover is not that significant and there’s no need to include him into the conversation.

Uncovering more Russian Ladies Secrets

The road doesn’t end here because, very much like getting to know anyone, there are still a few things to uncover. The best way to know these secrets would be to build a relationship through sincerely making an effort into knowing the person as she is.