The simple answer is yes. Even the most poorly-organized Internet dating site can boast some success stories. We lead busy lives and we are time-poor. We have limited opportunities to meet people outside our limited circles of friends and work colleagues. In general,  your chances of meeting the right person online are at least 20% greater than if you wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to walk around the corner.

Chances of meeting the right partner are even greater on more professional Internet dating sites where scientific algorithm matching takes place. This means that the website seeks to match people with shared goals, beliefs and values. Christian internet dating websites are in a great position to tap into these factors as their members already have the similar agendas and world views. Detailed questionnaires are able to match Christians based on their personality traits, geographical areas in which they wish to live and other qualities which ensure compatibility.

Christian Internet Dating

Outside large cities, it can be difficult for Christians to find dates. Christian internet dating sites broaden your scope and allow you to access a far wider pool of Christians than you would be likely to meet through church activities. In the past, churches themselves often had singles groups and organized opportunities for singles from different parishes to meet. These days, this is considered to be a little quaint or old-fashioned, but it leaves Christians with limited opportunities to meet other like-minded,  single believers.

Take Anthony, for example. He had been a dedicated pastor in a small church for over ten years. Due to the demographic of his parish, most of the congregants were elderly. He had limited contact with younger Christians.  He signed up to a Christian internet dating site and within three months he had found the love of his life. They now have three children and his life is rich in ways that would have been impossible without the Internet.

There are a few caveats to Anthony’s story. Although he eventually signed up to an Internet dating service, he did not allow the search for a partner to take over his life. In his ten years as a pastor, he was growing and maturing as a person so that when he finally did meet Mrs. Right, he was able to be the best husband and father possible. The Internet was certainly a useful tool, but, once they met, his lovely wife was attracted to him because of the kind, responsible, interesting man he had become.

The good news for those using Christian dating sites is that couples who meet via the Internet have a greater chance of happiness in their marriages than those who meet by more conventional means. Mr. or Mrs. Right is out there waiting for you. Christian dating sites will help you facilitate meetings with likeminded Christian singles. In the end; however, it is up to you to let your personality and life experience shine through when you meet your dates in real life.