There are some Chinese dating etiquettes of dating specially when dating a woman in China. If you wish to date a Chinese woman, then you should be aware of these etiquettes to make your date successful. You should avoid those mistakes that will make your first date worse and ruin your complete image in the very first date. The Chinese dating etiquettes have huge importance when it comes to dating Chinese women as compared to Western women. Let us share some of these valuable tips with you to get a successful dating with the Chinese women.

Your attitude and behavior is the most important factor when dealing with women for dating. In Chinese culture, both the behavior and attitude have become important to quantify the image of any person. The Chinese culture is different from the rest of the world, so these minor things have great importance. Like showing politeness in Western culture may have different meanings in the Chinese culture. As Chinese takes it negative to give a gift openly in front of the giver, as most of the people use to send gifts through courier service or through a third person.

These are the some important Chinese dating etiquettes to be remembered before dating a Chinese woman:


Chinese Dating EtiquettesGreeting with an opposite sex with a smile and praising her beauty in the western culture may feel awkward while it is totally perfect in the Chinese culture. So, whenever you greet any Chinese lady make sure you remember this rule. Commenting on any lady positive or negative is completely acceptable in the Chinese culture, whereas it is differently perceived in western cultures. Similarly, Chinese women also use to comment on men in the first meeting as it has become a part of their society.


If you want to take your date for dinner, then you must be aware of their eating etiquettes before you go on your first date. In western countries of the world, ordering a meal depends on the choice of the women. In the Chinese culture, most men make the choice of food. In Chinese culture, men and women share their meals, so the taste of the woman must be kept it mind while ordering the food.


Chinese women expect the men to take the first step when it comes to the conversation. A man should engage the woman into talks if she is uncomfortable to start conversation on the date.