The Philippines is dominated by the Christian and Catholic religion. These two religions have strongly influenced their values and how Filipinos live their day to day lives. Even in the modern times we still see the impact of these influences in almost every aspect of a typical Filipinos life.

Being aware of this connection can help you with dating women from the Philippines. There are some stereotypes surrounding Filipino women – that they’re great housewives because they are great provides. They are also independent, strong and very attractive. This article details what every guy dating a Filipina should know about religion and relationships in the Philippines.

What do They Think of a Person With No Religion? 

Firstly you should know that these women are typically open-minded – especially the younger generation. The idea of not having a religion may come across strange for them but it most likely won’t be an issue once you start dating.
When you get married though things might change a bit. The best idea is to discuss this with your partner because you can bet that her family back home will expect it to be a church wedding.

What do They Think About Someone of a Different Religion?

Let’s say that you’re a Muslim guy that wants to date a Filipina woman. Is it going to work? Short answer: Yes it will IF you are simply dating. Like with the previous point, things may be different once you begin to think about marriage. Like with other religions that still believe in God – it will be no problem.

The key point is that if you don’t believe in God at all, you may run into a couple of issues when you want to marry a Filipina. There is also the rare opportunity that you meet a very open minded person who has an open minded family and they won’t mind this at all.

Family is Important

Family life is very important in the Philippines and major life decisions like getting hitched to someone from a different culture and religious background means long family discussions and advice that may affect your partner’s choice. If your simply hanging out and casually dating or online dating then there is no interference but you can expect the family to play a key role once things get more serious.

What Can You Do?

If you find yourself in a situation like this, here are a couple of suggestions:

*Talk with your partner and be honest with each other
*Ask for her support in you meeting her family
*Try to compromise because some things just won’t change