Two internet sites, presenting online dating sites services, took each other to the Federal Court

Anastasia International accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with brand name violations, fake promotions, indirect interference and illegal competition, in the New York Federal Court. Anastasia is an American based online dating organization, whilst EM Online is an Australian based online dating internet site. They both, nonetheless, concentrate on the United States market. Thus, anyone can see how the two are rivalling for the same market.

Online Dating“Anastasia, who’ve carried EM Online to court, matches American men with Russian and Ukrainian females. The Big Apple has the most important market for Anastasia”, the plaintiff claims. “EM Online precisely impedes upon Anastasia’s market. “Based upon details and belief, Elena’s Models manages or sponsors webpages titled ‘’ and ‘'”. These two websites disguise the identity of their owners by using a proxy service. To make matters a lot more suspicious, these web sites reroute whoever is viewing them to These websites accuse Anastasiadate of systematically perpetuating scams and deceptive deceptions upon its customers, and then advise that the clients use Elena’s Models, which allegedly doesn’t follow these methods. “The website proposes to show extracts from e-mails authored by women with profiles on The e-mail extracts all have a standard message – girls featured on are not truly hunting for a relationship with men from the United States, but instead are contract employees paid to correspond with Anastasia customers and break their hearts. The emails look to be quite fake, and so could be charged with false advertisement. Anastasiadate’s clients are assured that the women they’re chatting with are 100% real women.”

The complaint says that EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, since they know that what they’re saying is bogus, and that the email messages were written with the only purpose of unfairly halting Anastasiadate’s business. Anastasia claims Elena’s uses the web site to promote its very own organization and submit bogus, damaging information about competitors. “This website, despite claiming to be a forum focused on reviewing online dating sites, is really noted to be quite picky as it promotes Elena’s Models exclusively while looking to harm other businesses. The site holds lots of false advertisement about Anastasiadate, which has ultimately been mucked around with by EM Online,” the complaint states.

Anastasia claims that infringes on its copyrighted logo to swipe potential customers. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now linked to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” the accusation says. Anastasia is seeking an initial and long term injunction, and treble and punitive damages. Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn’s Richard C. Yeskoo is standing for the plaintiff., checked Thursday, offers American males the “a few of the planet’s most beautiful females!” “Anastasiadate offers the world’s top online dating service,” the site says. The website describes itself as “your speediest way to a stack of responses, genuine and loving girls, 24/7 customer care and security.”

On, an anon author says that he knows everything about the web-site. He claims Anastasiadate pays third-party organizations to hire “girls” who are paid to connect with clients. A female form Kiev told him these details, which explains why he’s now revealing it to everyone. For chatting and emailing men, these women are promised a high wage and other benefits. The criteria necessary for this sort of “job” are: to be over 18 years of age and to be literate in English and in computers.

The woman could have been working for Elena’s Models, as she actually advised the website to him!

Alex Vidal