Dating a Russian woman online is one thing but dating one in real life would be a whole different story. How so? Well, in the online world, you can’t really do much other than talk via Skype or email. In real life, on the other hand, there are things that you need to know so you can impress your Russian date and maybe land a few more dates after the one that you’re having.


The Gentleman Factor

A Russian woman loves a man that knows how to take care of her. Treat her right and treat her like a lady. This calls for some old school gentleman-liness to take place. Open the door for her, let her go first while walking into a restaurant, hold her coat for her, offer to carry her handbag, pay for dinner and all that. Sounds like Prince Charming, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what a Russian woman is looking for — Prince Charming.


Do your Homework

Every Russian woman (and every Russian at that) has a strong sense of heritage so it’s a must for you to do your homework. This means that you would have to do some researching  on a few things that the mother land (and her people) are proud of.

One great example would be the Russian ballet. It’s commonly known throughout the world that Russia has a very distinct theater culture — from musicals to operas.


Speak as the Russians do

Another way to impress a Russian woman is by learning the language. Russian is difficult to learn (especially the accent) but you don’t have to learn everything. You can at least start with basics like: “Hi” (/Priv-yet/), “How are you?” (/Kak dil-ah/), “Yes” (/Daah/), and “No” (/Nyet/).

Later on, you can learn how to express compliments, how to say goodbye, as well as simple words like delicious or good.


Take the lead

We mentioned earlier that being an old school gentleman scores you major points. On top of that, you have to know how to take the lead. You have to do the planning, you have to choose the restaurant for your date, pick the wine, you have to have a back up plan and etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be the alpha male — all aggressive and cocky. You just need to show her that you’re on top of it — in control.


A taste for Russian food

If you’re taking out a Russian woman living in your part of the world, a great move would be to take her to a Russian restaurant. Like we mentioned earlier, Russians have a strong sense of heritage so it goes without saying that taking your Russian lady friend out to eat Russian food will be impressive.

On your part, don’t be caught off guard. As early as now, explore different Russian dishes so when the time comes, you’ll know what you personally like and you’ll know what to order (and hopefully how to pronounce the name of the dish correctly).

Appreciating the outfit

A Russian woman appreciates a man who dresses well. You don’t have to dress like a ramp model but you do have to dress accordingly. If you’re going out on a pick-nick date, try something snappy but still casual. Wear something more formal if you’re going to a high-end restaurant or to a play.

If you have absolutely no idea on how to do this, then maybe you can get your cue from what your date is wearing. Observe how she dresses and try to match that (not matching as in couple shirts or couple shorts, okay?).


Plenty for one date

russian woman

So that should be enough tips to get you through a few dates with your beautiful Russian woman. Just remember to be yourself on top of the dating tips that we just gave.

Alex Vidal