There are only a few lucky men out there that have had the experience of dating both American women and European women (hopefully not simultaneously). Other men from their respective sides of the world that have not had this experience before¬†are wondering how one compares to the other — if one is more chatty than the other, if one is more independent than the other, and etc. You get the drift.

If you haven’t immersed yourself in the culture of either one, it’s easy to draw out misconceptions. So, in order satisfy your curiosity and to debunk those misconceptions that you may already have, we attempt to give you an insight into what it’s like to date American women VS what it’s like to date European women.

Girl Power

This is number one on our agenda. You should know, first of all, that feminism is common in both. The main difference is that one is more vocal about it than the other. And, by vocal we mean more hypocritical and unfriendly. Do you have a guess on which one it is? If you guessed American then you’re right.

It’s no secret that American women are more vocal about women’s independence, women’s worth and the ever changing role of women in society. European women may have the same insight but just with lesser angst.

Rolling with the Conversation

There might be exceptions out there but with most cases, European women are more likely to enjoy a good conversation. If you talk about abstract topics to European women, they will more likely reciprocate by giving in their own two cents. If you attempt to have somewhat of a similar conversation with American women, they may just quickly roll their eyes and then lose interest.

Expressing with Words

Based on countless similar comparisons all over the internet, the most common sighting would be of how American women act or conduct themselves in comparison to European women. Again, there might be exceptions here and there but the general observation is that American women tend to talk louder and faster. European women are more reserved and quieter.


Appearance Wise

This is not really a questions of who is more beautiful but it’s more of what your preference is. For example, if you prefer thinner women then you’d get better luck in Europe. Studies show that while European women don’t really exercise that much, they are more likely to be thinner. Women in Europe are also said to be more feminine compared to women in America.

Let’s talk, now, about face value. If you base it on a 1-10 scale chart (by American Standards), you’ll find more 6s or 7s in Europe. In America, you’ll find a lot of 5s or 6s but you’ll also find a treasure chest of 9s every now and then.


This is probably one of the most important factors that guys should know. In this aspect, Europe has to have the definite edge. Most eastern European women, for example, are more approachable, more open to a conversation, more social and more open to your initiation.  Good news for guys all over the world because now, if you approach an eastern European woman, there are less chances of you being snubbed or ignored.

Summing it all up

That’s about it for our shortlist. We’re sure that there’s still a lot more factors to sight or debate about but it could go on and on. So who won the match? The answer is nobody, really. It still boils down to your preference in women.

Who do think you’re more inclined to date when given the chance?

Alex Vidal