There are several different stages to every relationship and it surely is the same when you’re dating a foreign woman. Every relationship usually starts with casual dates to understand each other better. Then next is the romantic period where you become more attached and intimate to each other. And soon after that, you’d like to hear wedding bells, right? Nope. You will first have to meet the relatives before you can start arranging your wedding, a tradition of Ukraine and Russian families.

Most Europeans value close family ties. This is even more true among Ukraine and Russian girls. This will be the family that you’re going to marry into so it’s sort of a big deal and, naturally, you need to make a great first impression.

Foreign Woman

It does sound a bit demanding and even stressful, especially if you’re a foreigner yourself, but don’t worry because here are a number of tips for you to consider before meeting the love of your life’s parents.

Tip # 1: Look Your Best

Foreign and international women like it when their partners dress smart and fashionably at the same time. The same opts for the parents. Although they won’t reprimand you about your taste in fashion, they would definitely consider your looks and perspective in dressing up to know if you are suitable for their daughter or not. Be sure that you look good, decent, and confident in what you are wearing. Shave if necessary.

Tip # 2: Uphold the tradition of bringing something

Offering of gifts is a part of culture in most European countries. One great choice is a bouquet of flowers for your sweetheart’s mother. Every lady will appreciate receiving such beautiful flower arrangements.

You could give her father a bottle of red wine or strong spirits. Certainly, he will love it and he may even ask you to share a few glasses of drink on that same evening.

Tip # 3: Offer compliments

Provide compliments to her parents for raising such a beautiful and intelligent lady. It’s the same thing when meeting your bride’s relatives. Give compliments to everyone and don’t be shy to share your true feelings for their daughter/sister/cousin. This exhibits that you know their daughter well enough and that your interest in her is real.

Tip # 4: Work on your natural charm

Don’t worry if you don’t have natural charm because all you have to do to be charming is be interested in other people. It really isn’t that difficult. Just feel and look confident and talk smartly and actively throughout your date. Never be quiet, remember to give compliments, share stories, offer help, etc. If you can do that, they will definitely love you.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to be sincere and honest. You don’t need to make things extravagant. If you are able to show them how genuine you are, then you will be adored and blessed by everyone, including the parents of your favourite foreign woman.

Alex Vidal