When it comes to international relationships and dating foreign women, it’s important that guys make an effort when trying to impress the beautiful ladies from overseas countries. There are a few tips and tricks you can learn to make your online dating profile more interesting and make it catch the attention of women who want to find a partner from America or Western Europe.

1. The Right Profile Photo

Most women tend to be attracted to guys who seem positive and cheerful. If you are wondering how you can show your best side without having to say anything, rest assured, there’s an easy way to that. All you need to do is add a photo of yourself that shows you laughing and smiling. Quite a few guys on European dating sites try to impress women with artistic or “sexy” photos, etc., but laughter and smiles usually generate the best results. Because your profile photo is the very first thing a lady sees when she’s looking around for a partner, it really is important to choose the right one.

2. Create an Optimistic Profile Description

When your profile photo has caught the attention of a woman, she will then move on to your full profile. Most online dating exerts would agree that this is your one and only opportunity to leave a good impression and make her want to know more about you. It’s important to look and sound positive and optimistic. You shouldn’t mention your doubts about the efficiency of online dating and finding a suitable partner this way. Describing your previous dating disasters or concerns about possible frauds and scams is not a good idea either. Even though it is perfectly normal to have such thoughts, your profile is not the best place to talk about them. Try thinking of your dating profile as a private advertisement. Do companies promote their doubts in newspaper ads? The answer is no, so neither can you.

3. Keep Your First Few Chats and Emails Simple

In case your wonderful profile photo and an even better profile have done the trick, a foreign lady will send you a request or a message to talk to you. Once again, it is necessary to sound positive and optimistic, especially in the beginning of your relationship. It really is also advised not to complain about the expenses of dating foreign women online or discuss the subject of frauds and scams. Also, be sure to stay away from unfavourable and difficult topics like health and financial issues or politics. It is not that you can never discuss these subjects with your chat partner, of course you can, nevertheless it is suggested to keep topics cheerful in the “getting to know each other better” phase of a relationship. If everything goes well, you’ll have enough time to discuss the difficult subjects that worry you the most.

In summary, the best approach to catch the attention of a foreign woman and to maintain her interest is staying optimistic and positive. Even though life is often not easy, a positive and light attitude can do wonders if you’re trying to win your favourite lady’s heart.