Meeting foreign women has never been easier! Just have a look at any dating website and you will find thousands of profiles of beautiful women, all looking for love. Perhaps you have already found your one and only and are¬†wondering now how you could maintain that relationship while both of you are preparing for your trip to Europe. It’s not rare that couples have had to be separate at some point of their relationship, be it work or family related reasons. This could mean two things, the lovers either met on the internet, or they met face to face through a dating service or on vacation, and had to spend time apart to arrange all the necessary paperwork so that they could be together. All this means – there IS hope for long distance romances!

foreign womenIt’s very important to be in constant contact.

Communicating constantly is essential to any marriage and even more so when you’re dating foreign women online. The aspect of actually being together is just not possible yet.¬†Being in touch regularly will foster the sense of closeness and being connected to each other. These are very important factors necessary in every successful relationship. Thankfully, modern technology is on the side of virtual couples across the world. There is no lack of ways to speak every day and on top of that, these methods of communication are not pricey. Using functions like emails, web cam chats and virtual dates, it is easy to keep in touch.

Set your goals, expectations and boundaries with each other.

It’s absolutely normal to feel a bit insecure in a relationship. It’s possible there are other men who’ve been chatting with your friend and have the same feelings as you do. At the same time, your sweetheart may be wondering if she’s the most important girl in your life and if she’s even special enough. While these feelings cannot be controlled, what is under both your control is how you deal with things like these together. Couples in online relationships have figured out a way to deal with the difficulties of long distance dating: setting clear boundaries and expectations. This will eliminate the arguments and misunderstandings over unnecessary jealousy. Since your common goal is to eventually be together and get married, it is quite reasonable to demand from each other to stick to certain rules, especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

Discuss finances honestly.

One aspect of online dating that has been getting some questionable reputation is the accusations of some people that it has become a centre of scammers. To eliminate any suspicions regarding the possibility of a scam, talk honestly about both of your finances. Foreign women appreciate the honesty and have no problems with discussing important matters. If you have been talking about your day and you know she has been shopping, you could enquire what she bought and how much it cost. From what she says you can see if she even knows how to manage her money. If you’re just an average Joe, discussing finances is very important as you would not want to find out one day that all your money is gone.

Alex Vidal