Ever wonder why first dates don’t turn out the way you want them to? You’ve planned on having a beautiful, romantic evening, ending with (and hopefully) a first kiss but regretfully there were loads of awkward moments. That’s probably because you said or asked something totally awkward (obviously).

In most cases, this is very true. We always get so nervous that we tend to blab out whatever it is that we’re thinking or we tend to just ask away, not really thinking the question over, just to avoid silent moments. Well, that’s not the way to go my friend. Here’s a dating tip: what you need to do is remember these very important questions that you SHOULD NOT ask.

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“How much money do you make?”

Imagine this in your perspective. You meet someone totally awesome online. You decided to go on your first date after a few (or a lot) of chemistry-filled chats. On that evening, everything is just perfect while you’re having dinner and then out of the blue, your date asks, “How much do you make exactly?”

(Sad music) Your perfect first date shatters! Do you get the idea? Better take note of this dating tip! It’s an OK topic to talk about, of course, but not on your first date because: 1. It sends the wrong message, 2. It’s something personal.

“Should we go back to my place?”

Ooops! Making a move on the first date may not be the best idea. Not sure where you got that dating tip from but it’s a big NO-NO! Hints of you trying to “advance” sexually — may it be a joke, a question or whatever — is just downright rude.

Popping this question may be appropriate when both of you are ready and when the time is right. It’s never OK to bring it up on a first date.

“Marriage plans?”

Hold your horses. If you ask someone about their marriage plans, like if they want to get married in the future or something of that nature, that may be taking three steps ahead too early.

Must-read dating tip: this type of question sends out a lot of “messages” to your date so it’s best to reserve it for the nth date that you’ve had.

The Ex Questions

Please do not satisfy your curioustity by asking about what happened to your date’s previous relationships. This may be another must-read dating tip: avoid questions about past partners and past relationships. It might bring up a lot of not so good memories.

You might just feel the same way of the same question was asked about you. So, just take note that the past has already passed. What you need to focus on is the present.

Appearance Questions

Now this dating tip may be very basic. It’s important for you not to ask questions regarding your date’s appearance (for example: “Did have some work done on your nose?”, “Are those hair plugs?”) Notice how embarrassing that would be even if the intention was not something that could potentially be harmful. Trust us! What you want to do is avoid these types of questions.

One last dating tip

A great way to know what to ask and what NOT to ask would be to ask yourself. Just put it on the perspective of meeting someone for the first time. What would be a NON-creepy, NON-awkward, and NON-invasive question to ask?

You shouldn’t let one or two inappropriate questions ruin your first date, right?

Alex Vidal