It may not be as difficult as you think to meet Russian women online. Remember that online dating is a growing industry in Russia, apart from the other forms of services  available within the dating industries. If you really took a look at the statistics, you’d say that it’s fairly easy to meet even just one of these beautiful ladies online. But where are they? And why can’t you find them?

Don’t worry if you’ve encountered various difficulties with sketchy looking dating websites. Most people have this experience and you’re not alone. The key, however, is to think out of the box for other places that you can meet Russian women in. If you can’t really think of any places or sites, then let us get you started with these 5 ways for you to meet Russian women online.

Many Ways To Meet Russian Women

Meeting and connecting with people – may they be old friends, long lost relatives, or your next door neighbor – has been made so much easier since the dawn of Facebook (FB). No doubt that it is a social media platform that almost everyone is on. With that said, you can use this to your advantage…

Meet Russian Women by Joining an FB Group

Joining a group sounds easy but the catch is to join the right kind of group. Remember that you’re trying to stay away from potential scams so you have to be picky about these things. Just think out of the box and stay away from the usual “Meet Single Russian Women” groups.

What we suggest:

You could search for travel groups. Specifically, you could search for a group that answers travel questions when traveling to Russia (ex. ask about the weather in a certain month, ask about sites to see, ask about cheaper hotels).

-Search for Russian home stay groups. Even if you’re not traveling to Russia, you could simply post questions on that group, telling the lovely ladies that you’re considering to go to Russia but need more information.

Both of these suggestions aren’t really leaning towards you distorting the truth. You do plan to go to Russia someday, right?

Break Down the Language Barrier

If you want to meet Russian women online and not go through dating sites and agencies, the next best thing would be to sign up to a language website and put: “Wants to learn Russian” on your profile.

With this way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone because you’ll be learning a few things about the Russian language (and maybe go all out once you’re into it) and, at the same time, meet Russian women who are willing to help you out.

You just have to remember that the main purpose of you signing up to a language site is to learn the language. The “meeting Russian women online” part should be secondary (even if it’s primary). So don’t be all, “Hi, I want to meet you and learn Russian from you.” Just remember that you’re there to do both but you have to make the ladies think that you’re interested in the language first and then them second.

Success Stories

Believe it or not, there are a lot of couples’ who have success stories through doing the same process. They were tired of going through agencies and getting scammed and so they thought out of the box. Go ahead, Google them for some inspiration and motivation to think out of the box.