Marriage is a symbol or happiness and joy. It is a union of not only two people but also of two families. Marriage is a very important step towards your family life; it will define the future course of your life. Make sure you make the right decision. You should choose a girl who understands and comprehends your values and tradition. Who is not only beautiful, but is also empathetic. Probably you are looking for a Vietnamese lady.

Men generally like women who are intelligent, smart and elegant. They want a woman who is willing to compromise and is adjustable. Vietnamese women are beautiful, but they have countless shortcomings. In this article we will elaborate some of the disadvantages of having a Vietnamese lady as your girlfriend or even a wife.

Lack of Education

In the modern society, education is a must thing, it teaches you the way of living. It tells you how to move in society and how to deal with future challenges. But most of Vietnamese ladies are uneducated thus considering them as a life partner might not be that productive. One would like to have a partner who has the ability to move in the society, who knows the way and who can share the financial burden. But if the woman you marry is not even educated there is very little she can do to help you in your future plans. Sometime it might be even very difficult for you to explain a simple logical thing to her. This is one of the biggest disadvantages a Vietnamese woman has. It renders her useless in many aspects of life.

Filipino women

Lack of Value and Tradition

Many Vietnamese women lack values and traditions. They can’t understand the importance of family values. All they care about is money; they will not be able to pay the due respect to your parents or your relatives. These women do what they like without having any care about anyone else. They can go to any extend for the money.

Lack Character and Self-Esteem

Vietnamese women lack not only self-esteem, but also character. A wife is a person who stands by you through thick and thin, but you shouldn’t expect this attitude from a Vietnamese woman. Because most of these women are complex, thus they will be fighting against you rather than being helpful.

However, it doesn’t mean that all of the Vietnamese women are materialistic and they can’t be the life partners. Actually all this has been explained to you so that you must be very careful to avoid those nasty women.

It’s better to be safe and you should choose a wife who can understand and comprehend your needs. Who is patient enough and devoted to make the relationship work.