Two websites, which provide online dating services, have taken each other to the Federal Court

Online dating site Anastasia International accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with brand name infractions, false promotions, tortious interference and unfair competition, in the Manhattan Federal Court. Anastasia makes use of the domain names Anastasiadate and for its web site. EM Online is based in Australia.

“The Plaintiff provides an international dating service which, for a small fee, matches up adult men in the USA with women situated in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The Big Apple holds the most important market for Anastasia”, the plaintiff claims. “Elena’s Models is really a direct adversary of Anastasia. It manages the webpage and competes for similar prospective customers as Anastasia in the United States. “Upon details and belief, Elena’s Models operates or sponsors web sites titled ‘’ and ‘'”. As a result of a proxy service, these websites are disguising the identity of the owners. To make matters much more suspicious, these web sites reroute whomever is viewing them to These websites try to put Anastasia in a bad light by blaming the site of fraud to the customers, as a result of site “being a rip-off”, after which suggests Elena’s Models alternatively. “The website is meant to reveal and uncover email messages published by the women who have accounts on The e-mails are all duplicated, and report that women shown on aren’t really women searching for love, according to they’re just girls who are paid out to chat with men The emails look to be quite fake, and so may be accused of false advertisement. Anastasiadate goes to great length to make sure that the men.”Online Dating

The complaint claims that EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, simply because they know that what they’re saying is bogus, and that the email messages were composed with the only purpose of unfairly stopping Anastasiadate’s business. Anastasia claims Elena’s uses the web site to showcase its very own company and submit false, damaging information regarding competitors. “The website, while acting to be an independently developed forum for the exchange of data about international dating services, in reality is only picking and submitting negative details about Elena’s Models’ competitors (including Anastasia) and reviews that are positive about Elena’s Models service. The internet site retains lots of false advertisement about Anastasiadate, that has actually been tinkered with by EM Online,” the complaint states.

According to Anastasia, has also made unlawful utilisation of the copyrighted logo design to appeal to customers. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now associated to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” the accusation says. Anastasiadate are seeking a cease and desist charge for the actions of EM Online. Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn’s Richard C. Yeskoo is standing for the plaintiff., checked Thursday, offers American males the ” the world’s most beautiful females!” “Not any other global online dating webpage comes close,” the site says. It identifies itself as “the simplest way to find real women online, with the best consumer protection entirely on a dating site.”

An anonymous writer, posting on, claims to know every secret behind Anastasiadate. Anastasiadate pays women to log on and pose as single women trying to find love, and are paid to do so by the same company, according to him. A girl form the Ukraine told him this information, which explains why he’s now exposing it to the world. Women are promised a ton of money and decent work hours, just by chatting and emailing American men, by a third party company attached to Anastasiadate. The criteria required for this sort of “job” are: to be over 18 years of age and to be literate in English and in computers.

According to the same writer, the lady recommended Elena’s Models since, according to her, was a much more serious site.

Alex Vidal