How to succeed in online dating

More people than ever before have turned to the Internet to look for a suitable partner. In fact, the number of people engaging in some sort of online dating services exceeds the 40% mark in many countries. Not everybody’s lucky, though, when it comes to finding a companion online, with only less than 10% succeeding. Consider our tips below to make your online dating experience truly remarkable.

  1. Invest in a premium membership

To really be successful in finding the woman of your dreams, investing in a paid membership is a must. Trial and free memberships are a great way to find a dating site that will match your goals and needs. However, once you find a website you’re happy with, take the leap. Think of this as investing in your future.

  1. Don’t expect results too soon

A one-month membership is usually not long enough to try out everything the international online dating site offers. For example, it will take a couple of days just to set up your profile. You need time to develop a real relationship, just as you would under normal dating circumstances. Don’t expect any miracles to happen.

Online Dating

  1. Be honest

Being honest is one of the most important things when it comes to international online dating. In order not to waste anyone’s time, yours included, be crucially honest about the kind of relationship you seek. Additionally, you’ll have to make a lot of effort to get what you want. Remember, your perfect match will not find her way to you without your help.

  1. Write a good headline

Writing a powerful headline is important if you want to get noticed quickly. In the world of international dating, you’re a tiny fish swimming together with thousands of other fish. It may take some creativity to get noticed, so don’t be scared of trying something new.

  1. Choose the right photo

Your picture will be the first thing anyone sees when looking at your profile. If you are serious about finding a partner online, you might consider hiring an experienced photographer to take a couple of good shots of yourself. Under no circumstances should you post someone else’s photo as your own or use a group photo where the focus is not on you.

  1. Keep the conversations light

Always be optimistic and happy when speaking to someone online. Since your partner can’t see your body language, you’ve got to learn how to flirt without it. Practice evoking laughter with only your words. Focus on the areas of your life which are more interesting. Use the wink/poke emoticon to break the ice.

  1. Use Skype and Instant Messenger

Once you’re ready to move your online relationship to the next level, staying in touch via live chat and talking on the phone become very important. As long as you keep the safety rules in mind, you don’t have to stress about stepping out of the limits of the safe environment of sending emails.

  1. Don’t give out personal info

Be sure to play it safe until you’ve met in person for a couple of times. You can never be sure of who the person behind your daily correspondence really is. Use generalities and not specifics when chatting. As an example, you can talk about your work, but don’t say which company you work for or where your office is located. Don’t tell anyone your last name or even the city you live in. This information is not necessary in the early stages of the relationship.