Women of Philippines are very charming, feminine, shy and graceful. They are the girls who have attracted the men with their charm of elegance. Filipina girls respect their family traditions and stick to modesty and grace. Filipino dating culture is unique and interesting. Girls are taught to never make the first move towards a man. Even if a girl fell for a man, she never expresses her feelings and waits for the man to approach her. Family’s reputation is most important and the parents are concerned for their daughters’ activity very much.


In Philippines there is a trend of courtship for getting a girl as a partner. Family plays an important part in all the stages of courtship. In the start, the man has to seek permission from the lady’s parents to court the girl. He has to express his intentions of courting their daughter in a very respectful manner. If the family especially father likes the man and gives his consent for courtship, then the man can start courting and visits the lady at her home.

Filipino Dating Culture

Manners of Courtship

There are some manners a man has to follow during courtship. During the visits the man cannot sit beside the lady. It is against the dignity of a girl if the man advances himself with her. Sitting next to girl, kissing or even touching are thought to be offensive and indecent acts. This attitude is unacceptable and considered non-serious and humiliating. It can affect the reputation of a Filipina girl and her entire family.  So man must behave in a decent and acceptable manner. He should be polite, humble and respectful. When he is around the lady, the lady’s family is nearby and a man must impress them all to win the girl.

Next important part of courtship is to convince the woman with the feelings and respect. He must express his concern and wish in very decent words. A girl is always expected to play hard on this part even if she has nice feelings for the man in the very start. She is expected to put her answer on hold for a week or more. During this period the man is judged for the sincerity and care.

Start of Commitment

After the girl shows her interest in man, the commitment starts and a man can invite her on date. A date is meant for understanding before marriage. Men cannot get too close to the partners physically on a date. When the couple feels compatibility with each other, they marry.