Women from Eastern European countries such as Russia and the Ukraine are notoriously feisty and strong in character. For some men, this can pose a challenge and be a little intimidating, but by learning how to handle a fiery woman, it can quickly become a very attractive trait. No one wants to date a girl with no opinions or someone who is afraid to stand up for themselves, so read our guide from AnastasiaDate to find out how to navigate these personality traits.

Learn When to Walk Away From an Argumentanastasiadate

Despite what you may read, it is not always the best idea to never sleep on an argument. In many situations, tempers and emotions can be running so high that it can take both parties quite some time to regain their composure. By continuing to the point in the hope of resolving the issue there and then, you risk tempers becoming even more fraught and things deteriorating to the point of no return. Take a step back, give each other time to think and to calm down and then broach the subject with a clear head when the time is right for you both.

Don’t Tell Her to Calm Down

There is nothing that is more akin to waving a red flag to a bull than telling a woman to ‘just relax’ in the middle of a heated exchange. If you try this approach, I can completely guarantee that she will not keep cool in the slightest and that if anything, she will become angrier with both you and the situation. Telling an angry woman to go easy is perceived as trying to be controlling and that you think her point and anger is of little importance. Neither of these impressions is good. The best thing to do in an awkward situation like this is to say nothing and let her say her piece. Even if you do not agree, or the decibel levels are getting out of control, try to refrain from attempting to silence her as more often than not, it will just make her angrier.

Learn to Apologise

Saying sorry can be a difficult thing for most people, especially if the blame for a situation is shared, but it is an important part of an adult relationship, and it should not be considered as a sign of weakness. Saying you are sorry, especially if you are the first one to do so, shows courage, strength, and maturity when dealing with a relationship. Many women complain that their partners never say sorry and on the rare occasion that they do, it doesn’t seem genuine.

At Anastasia Date, we have a lot of experience with these sort of matters, so stick to these three rules, and you should be fine.