Building a great online dating profile is no easy task. You’ve probably wondered how to do it and that has brough you here.

That’s why it’s time for someone to give it to you straight up. You are not alone in this, plenty of guys are scratching their head and trying to figure out what could be wrong with their profile. Why aren’t their profiles acquiring a lot of hits from beautiful Asian ladies? We’ll answer that as well as give you a few tips on how you can transform your online dating profile and, at the same time, attract the kind of women that you want.

Asian dating

“I’m not in it for a long-term relationship”

Statistics shows that most Asian ladies sign up with online dating portals for two reasons: long-term relationships and marriage. This may surprise you but the majority of women in these countries are still kind of conservative. What this means is that they are not interested in flings. They see no value in it.

“I’m not employed at the moment.”

If this is you then delete these words. Seriously, delete them.Asian women want their men to be stable and able to take care of them and their future family. We are not implying that Asian ladies are materialistic. The fact is, because of the gender roles that they observed as they were growing up, they view men as the providers, leaders, and decision-makers and not someone who’s in “between jobs” and doesn’t have any sort of goal in his life.

“I have achieved a lot of success. I’m loaded.”

These lines are very commonly used. They would be wonderful if they were true but if they were not, you’re out of the game if your Asian lady friend finds out (and she eventually will). Lying on your profile will cause problems in a long-distance relationship. It will be hard to make up for the white lies you told.

“I have kids.”

Let’s stop here for a moment. We aren’t saying that they are not interested in kids but just the idea of a mixed family may not go together with their conservative background. There’s a high chance that you could get rejected but in other cases, there are Asian women, who do not have a problem with this.

Want More Tips?

These are only a couple of examples of what may be serious turn-offs for Asian ladies. Check back with us soon for an update on tips for Asian women and Asian dating.