Being successful with dating women has a lot to do with knowledge. Knowledge of what you should or shouldn’t do. Your looks may be perfect; your overall character may be wonderful, too. But if you show any of the following behaviors then you may be out of luck. Let’s see what are some of the behaviors you should keep away from.

1) Neediness

datingThere is nothing more unattractive about a person than neediness. You simply can’t rely on another person’s approval. It makes the other person run in the opposite direction. Being able to be on your own and being comfortable with solitude is appealing. While it is important to open up to people close to us, don’t d it right away. Your potential partner isn’t your mother or your psychologist.

2) Awkwardness

Social skills are vital if you want to have a successful relationship with anyone. Let alone find a partner. Social intelligence can be improved by reading books on the topic. It also doesn’t hurt just to go out more. Spend time with friends and focus on meeting new people.

3) Bringing Up Ex-Girlfriends

If you have any deep-seeded resentment towards an ex, and you express it, then that can alarm your potential mate. That brings up questions such as why would you date someone that is so wrong for you. Even if you don’t have negative stories, don’t bring up your exes at all. That is the rule of thumb in dating.

4) Insecurity

Another thing that nobody in their right mind finds attractive is insecurity. Seeking approval is a giant no-no. Don’t react strongly when someone is trying to get a rise out of you with jokes. Don’t make her constantly repeat that she is interested in you. Don’t fish for compliments either.


If you want to do well with dating, then remember the tips provided for you here. Don’t show neediness or insecurity. Downplay any awkwardness and do not bring up your ex-girlfriend(s). Follow our advice and your dating should go well.