There is a saying that there is ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ and that to find the right one, you should cast your net far and wide. That certainly applies in the world of online dating, and it is very common to send many messages to many different women to find that elusive spark. While chatting with lots of ladies simultaneously is fine early on in the dating process, how do you know when it is time to cut ties with all but one of them? Not doing so can cause you to end up in a lot of hot water if discovered so it is important that you make this commitment to one person when the time is right to avoid any upset in the future. Read on to discover our tips for knowing when it is time to say goodbye to all of the other fishes.

exclusiveShe is Exclusive to You

Short of checking her messages, you will only have her word to go on if she tells you that you are the only man she is messaging. However, nine times out of 10 you will be able to tell if she is honest. If she says that she is dating you exclusively, it is only fair that you offer her the same in return. Failing to do this could be construed as cheating and problems like this so early on in a relationship, will only grow as time passes.

The Thought of Her With Anyone Else Drives You Crazy

That is a sure sign that you are starting to develop feelings for her and also signals that it is time to take your relationship to the next level. If you do not show her that you are serious about the way things are going, she may continue to chat to other men and who knows, you could find yourself being ghosted or ditched in a couple of weeks or months. Time is of the essence in the online dating world, if you do not snap her up, someone else will, and you will be left with nothing but the regret that you did not move faster.

You Start Making Plans for the Future

The moment you find yourself making long term plans such as holidays or even moving in together, you can be sure it is time to dedicate all of your efforts to her. Going on holiday together is a big thing and not something that should be undertaken if you still have other women on the scene. Again this would be seen as cheating, and you could be shooting yourself in the foot and making a big mistake.