So you’ve been dating a gorgeous Vietnamese girl who you’ve really connected with. The two of you laugh a lot, it’s easy to talk to her and she’s a lot of fun on dates. But is all this enough to make her your wife? One of the most difficult decisions is to decide whether you’ve found the ONE that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You may love your Vietnamese girlfriend, but are you completely in love with her? Will she make the perfect Vietnamese woman or perfect wife, mother or daughter-in-law? These questions can seem very daunting, but here are some ways you can know if she really is your soul mate.

You Completely Trust Her

Your Vietnamese girlfriend knows everything about you; from your hopes and fears to that embarrassing childhood story that you never tell anyone and you know everything about her too. You also trust the fact that she will always be there for you, and won’t ever divulge your secrets.

She Brings Positivity into Your Life

Your Vietnamese girlfriend makes your life a little brighter, and helps you believe in yourself. She makes light of difficult situations and helps you deal with them instead of worrying.

She Has Total Faith in You

Perfect Vietnamese Woman

She has never doubted that you won’t be able to do something. She always believes in you and encourages you to believe in yourself too. If her faith motivates you to do better, she is a wonderful asset in your life.

She is Very Dependable

Your Vietnamese girlfriend is always there for you when you need her. If you’re upset, she will always cheer you up. She never makes excuses, and is there when you need her. She is a very dependable person. This trait is very important in a wife and mother.

She Respects You and Your family

She will always treat you and your family with a lot of respect. If your family, especially your mother loves her, she really is perfect Vietnamese woman.

Both of You Want the Same Things In Life

If you and your Vietnamese girlfriend’s beliefs, hopes and dreams for the future match, if she encourages you to do what you want and is always at your back, then she may just be exactly what you’re looking for in life.

If you and your Vietnamese girlfriend seem to match up on these points and both of you are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other, then what are you waiting for? Go find the perfect ring and get down on one knee. Happiness awaits you!