There is nothing more attractive to single Romanian women than a guy who makes a sincere effort to understand their culture, traditions and beliefs. It might seem obvious enough, but most guys using international dating sites know virtually nothing when it comes to life in the former Soviet Union republics. Below are several easy ways to know more about the country of your special Romanian woman.

Learn her language

Learning basic words, phrases and sentences in your girl’s language isn’t just endearing. It is also beneficial for your own development. Of course, for one, it will make the communication better between you two, it doesn’t matter whether you use Skype or live chat. It will also be very useful when you finally travel to Romania to meet the woman of your dreams face to face. Even if things do not work out between you two, you will always have this unique skill which can benefit you in the future.

Single Romanian Women

Learn basic history

If you are dating a single Romanian lady, it’s a good idea to get to know the locations of biggest cities in her country and learn about the events that shaped her nation. Obviously, you should focus on the area or part of town your sweetheart is from. If you have doubts about where to start, go online and browse articles on Wikipedia. You don’t have to study everything about her culture, but knowing more than a typical American guy does will surely impress your Romanian lady and help you understand her better.

Learn things about her culture

One particularly good thing about being in an international relationship is getting new experiences and learning about things like special holidays, foods, etc. Ask your Romanian woman how they celebrate significant holidays in her country and what traditions and beliefs are most important to her. You could also go to events that introduce the culture of Romania, look up recipes of traditional Romanian foods and read books about European history.

Know the stereotypes

It is for the best to be open minded and not take untrue stereotypes too seriously. Many women will feel hurt and upset if a man they care about recited silly stereotypes like true facts. Here is a list of most common stereotypes about single Romanian women:

1.    They are all gold-diggers who only care about money and an American Green Card
2.    Women from Romania are very poor and live a miserable life
3.    All international dating sites pay women to chat with foreign guys
4.    All Romanians love Karl Marx

Needless to say, you will find those who symbolize these stereotypes accurately, but it does not mean all women from Romania do. If you’re truly interested in knowing more about your sweetheart’s culture and nation, you shouldn’t let the false stereotypes get in the way.

If you truly have feelings for the Romanian lady you are talking to, make an effort to learn more about her culture and nation. Studying basic sentences in her language and knowing simple facts about geography and history are an excellent way to achieve this. Not only will it benefit you personally, you will also impress your future wife and what could be better than that?

Alex Vidal