It’s hard to build an online profile; yes we recognize that fact. You’ve probably wondered how to do it and that has brought you here.

This article gives it to you straight up. It’s not just you in this, plenty of guys are scratching their head and trying to figure out what could be wrong with their profile. Why aren’t their profiles acquiring a lot of hits from beautiful Asian ladies? We have answers for you as well as great tips on how yo spruce up your profile.
Asian dating
“I’m not seeking something long-term”

Most Asian women go on online dating sites for two things: 1. Marriage, 2. Long-term relationships. You must realize that many women from Asia are still very conventional, so only a handful of them have the kind of liberated mind-set that most Western women have. What this means is that they are not interested in flings. They have no time for it.

“I’m presently out of work.”

If this is you then delete these words. We strongly advise you to remove that sentence if you have it on your profile.These ladies have an interest in men who will look after a family down the road. We are not implying that Asian ladies are materialistic. This has to do with gender stereotypes that they grew up with that viewed men as the providers.

“I drive a high end vehicle and own a business.”

Now, here are a few common lines. This makes sense to do only if what you say is 100% accurate. Lying on your profile will cause problems in a long distance relationship. It will be hard to make up for the white lies you told.

“I’ve got kids.”

Let’s clear the air a bit. We aren’t saying that they are not interested in kids but just the idea of a mixed family may not go together with their conservative background. It can go both ways: you can get turned down for this and also not.

Looking for Extra Info?

These are only a few illustrations of what could be turn offs for the Asian beauty of your dreams. Come back soon for more tips on Asian dating and how to better connect with Asian ladies.