The reality about online dating is that on any portal you sign up to there is a chance that you get scammed. The chance may be slim but it’s still present because online dating scammers are getting a lot more smarter. The sad truth is that this may keep you from fully opening up to that seemingly perfect Filipino woman you are dating online. It is possible that you are missing the real thing because you are too concerned about the process an are following stereotypes you have heard.

How can you tell the which of the myths surrounding Filipino women are real and which are not? This article debunks three of the most common myths:

1. Dating a Foreigner Equals a Better Life.

The myth is that Filipino women date foreigners because they are after their money.

Truth: While there are always people interested in capitalizing not everyone is up to this. Filipino Dating Culture

Not all ladies have this motive. You will find plenty of accomplished Filipino women on online dating sites who are very able to support themselves. It could be that they are tired of the local dating scene and are interested in something new.

How to tell the difference?

Since the setting is online, all you have to go on is how the women present themselves and also how they react to things. For example you can bring up the topic of money and see what her reaction is. If you are indeed talking to a scammer they will move on to someone else if they see that you are too smart and they can’t take advantage of you.

2. The Older the Better

This myth says that Filipino women are dating older guys because they are easily swayed.

Truth: Filipino women are mostly dating older guys because most of the men involved with online dating are older and women are the opposite. The typical age for women in online dating ranges between 21-32 years while men are usually between the age of 34 to 53 years of age.

Age is not a factor for Filipino women anyway since it is very common in that country for the women to marry an older man. Filipinos age gracefully as well so at times it isn’t even possible to tell that the guys are much older.

How to tell the difference?

There isn’t one absolutely sure way to tell. Does it seem that the two of you have a lot in common? Does she seem wise above her years? Do you feel appreciated as who you are? If so then you are definitely talking to someone who is real and not a scammer.

3. Marrying the Entire Family

This myth states that Filipino women will be sending money to the Philippines even if the live abroad.

Truth: Filipino women WILL send money and other items to the Philippines even if they live abroad.

This true through and through. If there is anything you need to remember about marrying a Filipina it is that you will in fact marry the entire family. Filipinos are incredibly close to their families and even if your partner moves to your country she will still be in close contact with her family back home.
Family is number one to these ladies and all you can do is just go with the flow. If you really love your Filipino girlfriend then you will accept this part of her.