Being Christians, we need to live in higher standards as compared to which we walk in our freshly fetishes. As you might have heard, you are not your own, you were bought at a price and therefore Honor god and your Body. So as you respect yourself, you also need to respect your lady you take on Christian Dating. Here are a few tips to help you out on your date. Good Luck!

The Friend Zone

Perhaps the most important dating tip you will ever get along with! Never let the fact slip your mind that until you are engaged, your dream girl can be married to another person. Therefore when you start Christian Dating, you need to handle the stress to get success. At first, choose to keep your date at the friendship level but don`t get in the friend zone. The longer you will be a friend to your date the better things will be happening.

Communicate Well

There`s no better way to truly know someone then talking to them. This becomes even more important when it comes to Online Christian Dating. You can talk to your date about a wide array of topics that sparks her interest. So the more you both will communicate, the better your relationship would be. This way, you will know better if you want this relationship or not!

Always Include Other Couple in Your Dates

At your first date, you may feel some physical issues (I`m referring to both sides).  In order to contain this problem, it would be best if you invite other couples to your date. A Group date is filled with pleasure while it helps you to keep the purity of your relation.

Always Respect Your Lady

You`ve probably heard of it before, so why doesn`t your dates go well? It`s because you are not following it properly. By saying respect your lady, no one is saying that you should become her servant but remember to maintain your dignity. If you respect your mate and avoid saying things that will offend her! The chances of your Christian Dating have significantly increased.


The point I am not only giving for Online Dating but for everyone, before you leave premises. Take your time and ask your lord to help you out. If you prayed, then nothing will go wrong. Apart from helping you on your date, praying also helps you putting your mind and embraces yourself for the date ahead.

Christian Dating

For Your Consideration

Apart from the Tips to help you out on your date, here is something you should keep in mind when you go out on a date!

Forget about Your List

To be honest with you, God doesn`t care about your wish list! All he cares about is your truthfulness and holiness. We often hear men saying that they want Women pursuing them. Well guess what, its everyone`s dream. Therefore, stop counting on it and be realistic. Just work on your presentation and keep the above mentioned points in mind.