Diving straight into online dating may not be such a bad thing, especially if you’re really ready to go out there and face the world (one more time). It’s a whole new experience compared with the usual face to face dating but (and these are very important online dating tips) you must understand that the dangers of online dating are as real as the dangers that you might potentially encounter when dating face to face.

In order for you to get the best experience out of dating online, here are 4 online dating tips that you need to know so both you and your information stay safe.

1.Take photos specifically for online dating.

You might be tempted to upload every flattering picture you may have on your Facebook straight unto your new online dating profile but you need to STOP. You have to be aware of the potential dangers that this might cause. Sure it sounds harmless enough but this is one dating tip that you need to remember.

If you have your online dating profile picture on your Facebook, Google plus, or any other website in the vastness of the internet, people can just search for your picture on Google images and then BAM, they have access to your other profiles on the net that you didn’t even want to show in the first place.

Suggestion: Take new, flattering photos of yourself and upload these on just your dating profiles.

2. Don’t give out your personal information.

Now this online dating tip is pretty standard but what you may want to include here is your name. Yes, that’s right. It’s better to NOT use your real name when signing up for online dating. Why? Well it’s generally for safety reasons.

Suggestion: You can choose a nickname (a common one) or you could give out something totally different.

This #2 online dating tip can also be associated with #1. What you DO NOT want is for someone to Google out your name and then gain access to a whole lot of your online profiles that you did not want to share.

3.Don’t put in the places that you frequent.

Some online dating sites might have a “check-in” option like on Facebook. Sure, it’s important to stay active, current and updated but it’s also important to protect yourself. Here’s another online dating tip for your notes.

Someone who has access to your profile (meaning that they can see your picture, your status update, and etc) may be taking note on where you go frequently and then this person may just decide to go there on the same time as you.

They know you but you don’t know them. You don’t even know that they’re their. Get the picture?

Suggestion: Use a nickname.

4. Go with your gut

Most of the time, people have a feeling of discomfort when interacting with someone they’ve met from the online dating scene, may it be through chat or through Skype or what have you. If you’re in a situation like this, it’s important to go with your gut and just bail out.

Don’t be too nice and spend too much time on someone when you do not, at all, feel comfortable talking to them.

Suggestion: Our gut (especially with the ladies) is mostly right about these things

Stay safe & Have fun

So those are just a few of our suggestions. There are a lot more where that came from so keep watch for Part 2 of this article. Just remember the online dating tips that we’ve shared and you’ll be fine.