Vietnam is a country with continental dimensions. Vietnam is well known for the diversity of its ancient traditions and customs in many regions. Apart from the traditions there is a variety of natural beauty in Vietnam. There are many regions where there are the stunningly beautiful women. The beauty, elegance and lifestyle of the queens of Vietnam vary from province to province. Further the Vietnamese women are extremely conscious about their appearance and feminism. They appear like Oriental queens with their flaw-less soft skin, slim body-shape and silky locks.

Most importantly their concern with their appearance makes them look attractive. It is not wrong to say “beauty is also made in Vietnam”. There are many traditions and remedies that they use in daily life to look desirable and charming.

Beauty Standards

Standards of beauty includes a tall height , an oval face, luscious locks, thin stature, a fair complexion without moles,  large eyes and a pronounced bridge of the nose. The Vietnamese women try hard to get this look cosmetically. They look amazing when their innocent features are enhanced according to these standards. However, they look equally beautiful with light and heavy makeup. They look amazing when they frown. They look stunning when they smile.

Vietnamese Women – Perfect for Dating and Marriage

In past few decades the Vietnamese women got famous worldwide for their royal beauty and etiquettes. The Vietnamese women are smart, well-educated and high earners in job market. They can speak English and are very competitive. These traits acquire the attention of men to choose the Vietnamese women for dating and marriage.

Some Valuable Traits of Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese women are sensitive, caring, and supportive and have a sense of gentle attitude. With modernization, the Vietnamese women are now becoming more liberated and well-educated. Usually they are the only children of family so they have a sense of responsibility. They can play a very important role in a man’s practical life.

The Vietnamese women are generally non-materialistic. The Vietnamese wife and Vietnamese in-laws value a man’s honesty .They don’t demand millions. A hardworking and promising lad is the best choice for their daughters.

Queens of Vietnam

Dating a Vietnamese Girl

When dating a Vietnamese woman, keep expectation of her getting attached and thinking of marriage soon. They prefer marriage rather than wasting time in meaningless dating. On a date, Vietnamese girls appear ultra-traditional with etiquettes and style. They are shy and don’t show off easily. Even if they like a man, they will never tell him directly. They will give the symbols of love in their behavior with that man.

When a Vietnamese girl likes a man, she shows her concern. She may ask him whether he took the lunch or not. She may ask him to wear some warm clothes in cold weather. What a beautiful sign of showing affection indeed!