Let us assume that you have set your eyes on a special someone but you aren’t too sure about how to approach her and you need some advice. This article offers helpful tips and lists some questions Asian women are tired of hearing. After all, when you are trying to get to know someone you get there by asking questions. Avoid these ones at all cost.

1. “What kind of Asian are you?”

Asian womenPeople think they are cute when asking something like this but try to picture how the person being asked this may feel. In fact this question is seen as a form of racism. Think about it – not everyone who looks Asian was born in an Asian country. It is like asking every white person which part of the U.S. are they from. Does it make sense? No one wants to be put in a box based on their skin colour.

2. “What does that tattoo say?”

Lots of people get tattoos with some type of Asian letters. To the untrained eye the letters seem very similar. It is easy to mistake them all to being Chinese or what have you. It is even more typical for people to ask an Asian what some tattoo says. What makes them think that this person speaks this particular language? The same thing from the previous point could be applied here – does every white person speak most of the languages in Europe because the majority of languages use the same letters.

3. “Do you eat dog meat?”

We have all heard that some Asian countries practice eating dogs. What we don’t know is more specifically which countries those are and the simple fact that not everyone likes to eat it. Even if it is normal in their culture. The person you are talking to may have grown up in the West for one thing and also may be the biggest dog lover you could meet. If you are curious about this topic then do some research online. Definitely don’t approach a person with this question.

4. “Why are all Asian women so skinny?”

When you ask this question it makes it sound like there is something wrong with the figure of these ladies. It is as if you are saying they don’t get enough to eat or have an eating disorder or the like. The truth about this issue is that Asians just eat very healthy. They always have and always will. On top of that they have fast metabolism and that enables them to burn the food they eat very fast. Note that it is the lifestyle of Asian women that makes them so healthy.