There are certain things that one must bear in mind when he starts seeing a Russian woman online or in real life. The Russian ladies who were born in Russia, will feel happier when they get to date according to their preferences and customs.

The first thing to keep in mind if you intend to date a Russian single on-line – it is crucial that you remain honest regarding who you are and what interests you for the duration of your courtship. After going through the countless profiles of gorgeous Russian girls and finding the one that interests you the most, you should send her a letter showing your interest in her. Once you get a message back and you think she’s interested in you too, you’ll be able to move on.

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Enjoying an online romance through letters for too long is not exciting. Fortunately, today’s sophisticated technology offers different means to connect with people from the opposite side of the world. Most people have a mobile phone or a laptop with internet connection. If you found her on the net on an online dating website, you can ask her if she is ready to speak to you through video chat. If you are sure you’re going to meet her in real life, try to get her mobile phone number too, so you could call her and find out more about her. If for some reason, your chosen lady says she is unable to talk on the video chat or doesn’t own a cellphone, that should be a sign. The girl is either not real or not interested in you.

When courting Russian women on the net, it is necessary that you move your relationship to the real world as soon as you can, so that there is no probability for any scams or deception. A lot of men are scared of getting real with the Russian girl that they are dating. These guys can send emails for several months, but they are afraid to do anything else to move the romance further. On the other hand, some men hate the idea of putting things off and can’t wait to move on as fast as possible. When you approach her sensibly and quickly, she will respect you for the gesture, and she’ll know that you’re really serious about making this romance survive and grow. It’s so easy to connect with people nowadays, and you should really use this to your advantage.

Once you’ve started emailing and chatting regularly, it’s time to set up the first date. Since you’ve been chatting to her often, it shouldn’t take too long anymore. You can ask your Russian sweetheart how she’d prefer to meet you for the first time. Most Russian women want their dates to come to their country. Then again, you could plan to meet in a different place instead. Don’t delay in organizing your first meeting with her. If you feel like you are both getting along well, there’s no harm in asking for a personal meeting. There’s no doubt she’ll be happy about your decision.

Alex Vidal